Tech world has changed dramatically since the White House last changed hands

Tech world has changed dramatically since the White House last changed hands

Eight years is however a squint in the fabulous plan, yet so much will have changed on the Technology and online networking scene between when Barack Obama promised on Jan. 20, 2009 and Donald Trump does as such Friday.

Before he began, Obama expected to argue and maybe pull rank to keep his adored BlackBerry, a device inclination which at the time did not appear to be all that odd. Obama would stay faithful to the gadget, as well, even as its notoriety lessened, just giving up it a year ago in return for a tweaked Smartphone that he taunted as more reasonable for a baby than a president.

If you conveyed the most recent iPhone when George W. Shrub and family moved out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., that implied you had the second era, the iPhone 3G; the 3Gs would be presented soon thereafter. The iPhone 3G was the first to incorporate coordinated access to Apple’s then-new App Store, which had propelled amid the mid year of 2008. Today the store holds 2.2 million Apps and has doled out an aggregate of 140 billion.Tech world has changed dramatically since the White House last changed hands

Underestimated today, GPS Apps giving turn-by-turn driving headings on iOS and Android were fresh out of the plastic new in 2009. Trump today purportedly utilizes a Samsung Galaxy to send his now scandalous tweets, while his staff tweets from the president-elect’s record utilizing an iPhone, as per different press reports. In either case, the Twitter that Trump is so related to looks somewhat like the organization that had quite recently started standing out as truly newsworthy eight years back.

At that point, Twitter was not yet three years of age – just five more youthful than Obama’s girl Sasha – and had just around 5 million general clients. Starting the previous fall, Twitter’s run had swelled to 316 million, including the ubiquitous Trump. Hell, in January 2009, MySpace was still sort of a major ordeal, having topped the earlier year at around 76 million guests for every month.

Twitter still couldn’t seem to set up itself as a go-to goal for devouring or making news. In any case, both started to change only a couple days before Obama initially boarded Air Force One when Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River and a ferryboat traveler’s photo of the scene presented on Twitter and turned into a web sensation. (That is an alternate picture above.)

Facebook had 150 million clients in January 2009; two presidential terms later it has north of a billion. What’s more, Mark Zuckerberg has significantly more cash than even the very rich person approaching president.

Machines called 3D printers had been around for some time by 2009 yet were minimal seen outside of assembling and scholarly circles. Today my children’s secondary school has three of them. Wearables were called garments (with all due regard to Dick Tracy and listening devices). Google Glass hadn’t yet made a series of breathtakingly unjustifiable buildup.

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