TechHR 2019 to Reveal Innovations in HR Sector

TechHR 2019 to Reveal Innovations in HR Sector 1

Today’s era has taken over the minds of the people to develop inventions and creations with technologies in the sector. Businesses have taken over the leap with the use of solutions to automate human resource functions specifically like the talent acquisition and management, employee payroll, engagement, workforce analytics and many other on the way.

Thus, these solutions create an impact to develop through the challenges of costs, efficiencies, retaining talents with effective performance and productivity to develop the stretching success for the organisation.

The HR technology thus, proves to be effective system for the startups to function exceedingly well in the market in today’s time. This technology seems quiet an answer to the expansion theory across the platform.

Many heading startups use this technology for operations that require the mechanism to take over the management, talent assessment and even for the employee training. Thus, with the developing factor across the stretch, it is essential to keep the businesses with the current scenarios and also with the updated HR & Work Tech.

The current platform, catering the same cause is named to be annual TechHR Conference held by the People & Work Tech that is concentrated more with the media platform named People Matters.

The conference is organised with the agendas once a year and thus concentrates specially to look after the talent leaders and the opportunity to get through the understandable and reasonable solutions to cater to the needs of the organisations or the companies.

Floating with the themes of HR Technology Strategy, Digital Leadership, Future of Analytics, among many other tech inventions, the conference is responsible for dealing with the discussions that are notable and unavoidable, as an amalgamating ground.

The conference is held once a year while this year it figured to locate itself in Gurugram on the dates of August 1 and 2, 2019. According to the reports, TechHR 2019 is formulating this time with the experienced leaders, practitioners, investors and many startups who would talk about the future plans and ideas of work tech and look after the platform with learned professionals and experts, taking over the stage effectively.

The most essential leverage obtained by the attendees would be the opportunity to have a conversation with the new-age facility providers working in the sector of work-technology.


Written by Ritika Pandey

Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Features exclusive interviews with startups working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies, Holds the Bachelor of Asian Academy of Film & Television,

ritika can be reached at [email protected]

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