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Technological world: the two sides of the coin!

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We now live in a globalized world where we are technologically dependent and surrounded on every note. From mobile phones to gym, everything includes technology. We are constantly abiding by the usage of technology knowingly or unknowingly. Well, it is surely not a bad thing. The human kind work hard for us to have a convenient way of living. There is no doubt that we love the advancement of technology.

It has also been no less than a boon to us. It has helped humans in saving lives, contacting inter celestial world, and what not. We surely love the influence. But, the advancement in technology is surely taking a toll on us someway or the other. There are it’s own set of positive and negatives that as a tech user, one should be aware of.

There are a number of positive effects that impacts our lives with the improved technology in our daily lives. We are able to improve our connectability, the mobility to the remotest place has been possible. Physically as well as virtually. With the aid of aviation technology, it has now been possible to reach out to the places which was surely not possible a while ago. Social networking has a boon for the millennial generation.

It has people come out and connect on the basis of various ideologies and principles. It has also helped us progress enough to create a world different from the primitive creation. With the techniques of cloning, IVFs, etc. it has helped in nurturing the field of data analysis. The sum of numbers have risen so much more than the manual handling of data.

But, this advancement of technology is surely not a bed of roses for the mankind. There are it’s own sets of drawbacks that hold it down someway or the other. We are all familiar with the shelling in uf the millennial generation. We have stopped focusing on the reality and on what is around us for real. We have created some massively stunning creations  in the world of robots. These bots have made the human kind reach places.

We have been able to explore the life outside earth. But, have we been noobs to create bots that can possess a threat to the human kind? There have been heated debates on the exercising of power by these bots. They do fear that the technology might take up the human kind. It is important that we make sure as to how to implement the benefits of technology. It is a human creation made for our ease. But it is causing some bizarre health issues and creating serious environmental threats.

Being said all of this, we are aware that technology is a coin which has it’s own two sides, positive as well as negative. It is us who are the deciders as to how to make the most of it and at the same time maintain the needed balance in our lives. No one is opposing the development of technology, it should only be thought after and be sure of betterment.

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