Technology Role in healthcare advancement

Technology Role in healthcare advancement 1

The betterment and reeling in of innovations in technology have brought in some tremendous advancements in every field. Similarly, in the field of healthcare, it has been no less than a boon. It has been helping in improving the lives of people since decades now. The various surgical equipment or the new intelligent detectors have helped a lot in increasing the life expectancy over the years. New procedures have also helped in improving the quality of living. Experts are coming up with new research every day to chase new boundaries healthcare. Here are a few life-saving methods and procedures that were the result of technology in healthcare


Telemedicine is the process of improving healthcare based on telecommunications. This technique heavily impacted the hospitals in rural areas the most. The patients in these hospitals can now access the best of doctors for their advice for their treatment. The concept of a virtual doctor has truly revolutionized the system of healthcare in rural areas. Apart from this, the cost efficiency with respect to telehealth is substantial. It can surely save up to loads for patients. A fact to observe is after the introduction of telehealth patients were discharged 20% faster with a lower mortality rate by 26%.

Electronic Health Records:

In the previous years, hospitals had a very clumsy system which could not deliver adequate information with absolute accuracy for patients records. With the emergence of Electronic Health Records, the connectivity of systems has increased and has become more efficient. This allows information or data about the patient to transfer in a way more integrated type, providing with efficient care.

Remote Monitoring Tools:

These allow a patient to monitor their health at home itself. Due to this, they can save unnecessary inconvenience that they face. It also helps in making things cost efficient for them. They do not have to make unnecessary and frequent trips to the doctor’s office. On an average, around 4 million people use home health monitoring systems. For patients pacemakers inside them, the device sends all the information directly to the remote health centers automatically.

This is a boon for the people suffering from various kinds of chronic illness as it allows you to track a patient’s health even from a distance.

Wearable technology:

This is a booming market. The wearable medical equipment is still growing and reaching the masses. Now, this technology aids in the doctor and patient to track the health of the wearer on a monitor. Apart from this, it provides with alerts during the cases of medical emergencies of the wearer. These are slowly gaining awareness amongst the people, they come in various types. It is a product that can also be worn as a band on the wrist. It is a great way of keeping yourself in check. According to a survey, around 130 million people will be using this technology.

Genome sequencing:

Decades ago, it was just a theory to process out someone’s genomic information. But, with the advancement in technology,  it is now possible to have the analysis of one’s personal genomes and process out the genomic data. The innovation in genoming has brought in some major revolutions. It has helped the doctor cross a bridge in the field. It has helped to create some major life-changing procedures. It has helped in curing abnormalities in infants or fetus as a matter of fact.

So, there is no doubt that technology has reached places. But, most importantly, it has aided the medical field and helped in saving lives

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