Technology Trends to watch in Women’s Health

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Technology is affecting everyday life like never before and in the medical sector, the revolution is noteworthy in the last few years.

From the arrival of big data, now analytics is being used to predict almost everything about a patient. Privacy has been an issue however since mobile apps and internet of things makes all the private medical data vulnerable to the hackers lurking in the corners of internet.

Breast reconstruction without needle

Breast implant has not been the happiest of memories for many women because of all the fancy needlework that a doctor had to perform earlier. However, the horrors have disappeared as it has been proved that small quantity of carbon dioxide is good enough to expand the issues instead of using needles to hold the skin. 2017 may well see an outbreak of this device once it is approved by FDA.

Birth control delivery on the go

This is another unique aspect that will be provided by a mobile app. often, women run out of prescriptions for birth control and then they do not have the time to visit the physician to get a new one. To make lives easier, an app has arrived where, if you enter the personal health data, the app will redirect the data to a doctor who will prescribe the necessary medicine to a pharmacy. The app will then deliver the prescription alongside the medicine to your doorstep.

Your spit can detect fertility

Fertility test is probably one of the most frustrating tests for women. Surely nobody wants it and yet it is the necessary evil. However, new research has surely opened a possibility to diagnose pregnancy from your saliva only. Since saliva indicates hormone levels and many other pregnancy indicators, this is another simple but profoundly important innovation.

Pap smears at home

If you are a woman and you have cervical problems, then pap smears must be a regular issue. However, if you have somehow skipped the screening because it felt awkward for you, then you now have a do-it-yourself option. All you have to do is to get the necessary fluid and send it to test.


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