‘Telangana State GlobalLinker’ launched by Telangana Government

'Telangana State GlobalLinker' launched by Telangana Government 1

‘Telangana State GlobalLinker,’ a digital networking platform was launched by the Telangana Government in partnership with GlobalLinker an exclusive MSME enablement ecosystem, that also digitises and connects to over 2.3 million MSMEs in Telangana to a global community of minor and major business platforms.The step towards the agenda will also lend a hand in putting Telangana MSMEs on the national and international map applying the strength of digitalised technology. GlobalLinker has alliances with prominent corporates such as ICICI Bank,

Jet Airways as well as industry bodies like Federation of Indian Exports Organization (FIEO) and Bombay Industries Association. Currently, GlobalLinker is the only Indian company amidst a host of global entities chosen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to develop and construct ‘Business sans Borders’, a synergic AI-driven global solutions hub to uphold MSME digitization.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Telangana claimed, “Digitization is going to be one of game changers for MSME businesses as it helps them cater to customers beyond local boundaries, allows their profit to grow twice as fast and substantially increases their contribution to GDP. Industries Department of Telangana has collaborated with GlobalLinker to create Telangana State GlobalLinker, a digital SME Networking solution to address key challenges faced by MSMEs with the core objective of making the business growth of MSMEs – simpler, more profitable and enjoyable”.

MSMEs on ‘Telangana State GlobalLinker’ would also be able to construct eBiz cards for sharing with other members and a digital catalogue of the products and services.While an assisted e-commerce store establisher would assist MSMEs to stretch out their sales opportunities, manage inventory, payment gateways and logistics. The platform also takes care of considerable number of digital tools such as a business calendar and an eBriefcase for MSMEs to store and share documents. Sameer Vakil, Co-founder & CEO, GlobalLinker stated,

“We are immensely proud to host the Telangana state government MSME network on the GlobalLinker platform. Digitization can truly catalyze growth for MSMEs, as it not only blurs borders but also provides greater access to clients. We look forward to assisting over 2.3 million MSME members to transform their business on the strength of our platform.”

GlobalLinker becomes an exclusive MSME enablement ecosystem, that concentrates on interwining MSMEs with each other for them to cherish uninterrupted networking powered by an algorithm based ‘match-making’. MSMEs followed through the platform also profit from unequalising economies of scale through gathered purchasing power and superior access to business knowledge and skills.While numerous of developing business utilities are offered to SME members of GlobalLinker, e.g. a free eCommerce store creator with payments gateway and logistics services pre-embedded, this enhances and improves the agenda of the company.

Currently, GlobalLinker hosts over 2,00,000 MSMEs on the platform. Thereof, GlobalLinker digitizes and connects SMEs and is completely free for that. SME digitization appears through the procreation of Digital Business Cards, Digital Business Profiles, and Digital Product Catalogs for SMEs. GlobalLinker is also tendered as a co-branded solution by Governments, Trade Bodies, and Corporations to their SME Clients and members.

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