Telecommunications Trend Report for 2020 by Telebu

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Telecommunications Trend Report for 2020 by Telebu 1

Video & Audio conferencing industry has been recording a steady Y-o-Y growth for more than a decade now. Amidst this, the global pandemic and consequential lockdown has just accelerated the rate at which businesses across the country are adapting the virtual communication platforms. Undoubtedly, the number of inquiries in this segment has significantly increased by 100% W-o-W from March 2020 to July 2020, demonstrating a tremendous growth opportunity for the telecommunications companies in India.


A profound division of SMS Country, Telebu is India’s first UCaaS company. The firm offers software solutions as a service to businesses through a bouquet of products on a subscription model with no strings attached. Being a hub of seven major enterprise communication products including Grptalk, TelebuJoin, TelebuPing, TelebuHub, TelebuPop, TelebuBlocks and SMS; Telebu’s key objective is to offer easy to use and reliable communication solutions to Startups, SME’s, Enterprise & Government Organizations.

Pioneer in the UCaaS industry, Telebu has listed the key trends and insights observed this year through its annual trends report. The recently published report reiterates the trends and changes that ruled the telecommunications segment in 2020. The findings of the report are based on the demands and enquiries addressed by Telebu from January 2020 to mid-December 2020.

Highlights of the report are as follows:

  • Tier-II and Tier-III cities have shown a faster adoption of Audio Conferencing & Contact Center Software
  • Audio conferencing services have led to a transformation in the agriculture industry in India
  • Technology has been at the forefront in Audio & Video Conferencing services
  • Technologies like AI have changed the way we work
  • Cracking the regional language code has become a must for the UCaaS companies in India
  • Trends like Voice Recognition on a Video Call, Improved Privacy & Security settings, Virtual Events & Conferences with Augmented Reality, Improved Collaboration Capabilities and Integrations to Applications/ App/Bots/ Social Streaming Platforms can be observed in 2021

Telecommunications industry has gained a high momentum in the recent past, thus paving the way for a host of new trends. As the report states, tier-II and tier-III cities have outgrown the expectations of almost all industry leaders. The businesses in non-metro cities including Assam, Bihar, Goa, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh to name a few have demonstrated a higher and a faster inclination towards audio conferencing apps. As many as 70% of the businesses hailing from Tier – II & Tier III cities have chosen Audio Conferencing & Contact Center Software as their preferred tools for remote communication.

Another aspect of the audio conferencing services that caught the eyes of the experts was that audio conferencing services helped in transforming the agriculture business in India to a great extent. These services not only offered complete control of the call and connected users instantly at scale, but also helped in providing training sessions to the farmers thereby boosting the growth of the sector.  

Furthermore, Technological advancements have amplified the operations of almost every industry this year, including telecommunications. Techniques like Artificial Intelligence are being extensively used in the communications industry to offer a spectrum of benefits like –

  • Voice & Video Recognition
  • Transcription & Task Allocation
  • Listen & Learn users voice patterns to analyze the experience
  • Identifying users based on behavior
  • Auto Captioning & Reading streams
  • Optimizing Audio & Video Quality
  • Matching Profiles
  • Detecting Breaches in Security
  • Offer real time personalization & recommendations

And, all of this is eventually leading to conversations via Voice & Video which are insightful, data driven and optimized for outcomes.

Not just this, AI is also influencing the way we work. From allocating work, to project planning & mapping, data analysis, support, services, HR etc. are amongst the few things that AI is revolutionizing.

Another prominent trend that was observed this year is the extensive incorporation of regional languages by UCaaS companies. UCaaS stands for unified communication as a service and, any platform truly unifies the communications in India only if they focus on cracking the regional/local language barriers that exist in our country. Regional language or for that matter localization offers a unique opportunity to reach out to businesses and customers that haven’t been tapped yet. With the use of local languages across various regions in India companies were able to increase participation on audio conference calls by up to 40%. Regional language accessibility, training & support also helped the firms in boosting the product usage by up to 70%.

Summing up the year 2020 in his words, Mr. Satya Yeramsetti, Founder & CEO, Telebu, said; “2020 has been a year full of unexpected happenings, eventually giving rise to a number of new trends. The patterns that were predominant this year are likely to continue defining the coming year too. Voice Recognition on a Video Call, Improved Privacy & Security settings, Virtual Events & Conferences with Augmented Reality, Improved Collaboration Capabilities and Integrations to Applications/ App/Bots/ Social Streaming Platforms are few of the trends that are likely to provide the required impetus for stepping into 2021. As the statistics change with the dynamic global situation, this Trends Report showcases how most businesses adapted to the situation and strived to restore the growth as early as possible.

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