Telegram allows Cryptocurrency Transactions

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Telegram allows Cryptocurrency Transactions 1

The Open Network (TON) is a blockchain evolved by the popular instant messaging service Telegram. Telegram has licensed new crypto payments to feature in the messaging app.


The IM app, Telegram offers some of the animated emojis, custom mute durations, improved message translation, and some amazing features.

The foundation revealed that with the help of this service, users are no longer required to enter long wallet addresses and wait for confirmations.

Telegram handles about 550 million users; the prior plans have been dropped for its own token after a legal challenge that comes up from the AUS Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The SEC prosecuted Telegram in the year 2019 after it made funding of about $1.7 billion to build its token, foretelling it as an illegal token offering. Previously, the Instant Messaging application paid a fine to the SEC and acknowledged to return of capital to several investors. Since then, the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has endorsed a separate spin-off token, Toncoin, which is evidently separate from Telegram.

TON Foundation also revealed that they are anticipating that this functionality will help to extend into the consumer business payments so that the end-users can easily acquire goods and services by dispatching ton coins via bots in the Telegram app.

Custom Notification Sounds, this embedded feature of Telegram will enable users to set any sound into a notification tone, which can be utilized as a custom alert within the same application.

A new feature which named as pause notifications for a specific duration and further known by the name as Custom Mute Durations. By this, users can opt for several options, including one hour, 2 hours, one week, two weeks, three months, and so on. Telegram believed that every chat had a streamlined menu for modifying cautions.

The new auto-delete menu in Profiles says that Telegram has simplified the journey to enable the auto-delete message option in every individual profile.

Replying to forwarded messages, with its latest update, Telegram is supporting reply previews when in case of users forward a message to other chats. This, in contrast, provides other users more context into the conversation that other users are having.

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