Telegram Introduces Stories Feature for Premium Users

By Srikanth
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Telegram Introduces Stories Feature for Premium Users 1

A very new feature for the premium users of the telegram is out now. Where they can upload stories and that can be viewed by non premium users too.


Telegram has recently launched a new feature alike snapchat , Facebook , Instagram . Where the user can upload stories according to them and can also choose selective people to get views in their stories.

It seems very similar to Instagram and also Whatsapp they trying there best to come in competition with this well known apps in the market. Telegram is also going to have an extra feature then Instagram or Snapchat as you can choose your own time limit to show your own stories to public, which holds from 6 – 48 hours. The subscribers can enjoy this feature. The subscription for the premium feature of telegram stands for $ 4.99 , but an indivdual can get an extra offer if they login via website.

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, first had hesitations about integrating Stories into the service, but users clamoured for it. He said he can’t fathom Telegram without it at this point. Similar to other apps that already support stories, Telegram Stories’ user interface places a list of available stories at the front of the list of chats. Like on Instagram and Snapchat, users can leave comments on other people’s Stories and respond to them.

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