Telemedicine App Development Benefits and Types

Telemedicine App Development

Technological wave this year is making drastic changes across the globe with new innovations.

Everything gets provided by technology whether it is education, finance, on-demand services or even healthcare services.

When the sudden pandemic crashed all the economies and forced individuals to get conscious about their health.

Telemedicine emerged as the new comers which changed the perception of online treatments for their healthcare problems.

Telemedicine is nothing new even before the pandemic the term was widely used and the services offered were majorly acknowledged by the chronic patients.

In layman language, Telemedicine can be called as the communication tools which are being used to deliver healthcare services remotely.

This is the best way to provide healthcare solutions to the patient’s problem without paying any physical visits to the patients in this course of duration.

Telemedicine is continuously making improvements in delivering the healthcare services in this contemporary world.

To receive and enjoy this telemedicine service an individual needs to download an app or use a telemedicine website.

OH NO! The introduction went on for quite long.

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Let’s discuss the benefits of telemedicine apps and websites….

From the perspective of patients there are no cons of telehealth and the chronic patients are the one which enjoy using such telemedicine apps the most.

Several minor healthcare problems such as coughing, migraines and viral fever are often ignored by the individuals as they rush out of time to see a doctor.

Such negligence has often resulted in several major issues where an individual needs to call an ambulance for immediate help.

Telemedicine apps help in assisting the individuals at their free time and there arises no need to personally pay a visit to the doctors.

The minor healthcare issues can get solved in its initial stages.

The patients suffering from chronic diseases are the ones to reap many benefits from these apps as they need to continuously monitor their healthcare conditions and use of such apps has also resulted in chronic heart failure.

Looking at the benefits, You must be wondering about its cost right?

YES! You heard me right .It is cheaper than the traditional visits which are paid to the doctors.

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Providing telemedicine services can get beneficial for hospitals and clinics in many ways:

  1. Decline in the In-person visits paid to the doctors because of the vast population are approaching remote ways to treat their health problems.
  2. Less spread of contagious diseases in the hospitals and clinics.
  3. Doctors can deliver their services remotely and there remains no such need to pay a visit to the hospitals for treating their patients.
  4. Such apps will appeal to the patients at large as they don’t have to wait to seek medical advice from the doctor.

Now Telemedicine apps are the new source of income for several hospitals and clinics.

The quality of medical services which gets provided to the patients appears similar to the physical visits paid to the doctors.

Types of Telemedicine in Healthcare

If in case you have made up your mind for designing a telemedicine app for your website, you need to decide the kind of services that can be delivered remotely.

Framing out the type of apps and websites that matches your clinical work domain and the permissions that you are provided with decides the telehealth services that you can provide.

  1. Interactive Telemedicine

It is the type of service which strikes the minds of individuals whenever the word telemedicine is heard by them.

The service just needs a phone and video calls for its consultation. 

That’s awesome ! What else do we need to consult a doctor other than a smartphone?

Such services serve at its best when they are used in some kind of situations where there is no requirement of making a close contact on an immediate basis such as:

  • Follow check-ups after the patients get discharged from major diseases.
  • Mental health treatments and neuropsychology
  • Pharmaceutical Advice
  • Remote Nursing Consultations
  • Post-Injury rehabilitation treatments.

A medical specialist can be called to visit a patient at its home and can also use this feature in resolving his healthcare problem.

  1. IoT- based Telemedicine

IoT is the most preferable technology whether it is for designing a modern home or monitoring a patient remotely.

There are new gadgets which monitor and assist in measuring heart rate, blood pressure, levels of sugar and several other clinical parameters.

The information which gets procured can be synchronized with the apps and can automatically be a part of the medical records of the patients manually.

Doctors can keep a track of patients along with their medical data.

  1. Store and forward Telemedicine

In dermatology and other fields, it is quite possible to use telehealth services without video conferencing tools.

The patients are required to record a video or an image and send it to the doctor.

It becomes possible for the doctor to properly analyze it without making any physical visit to the patient.

This helps in making the services more easy and convenient for the doctors and on the other hand this services appears cheaper to the patients.

Concluding Lines

Nowadays, smartphones are a pivotal part of an individual’s life and even its daily routine.

This is the main reason behind the skyrocketing growth and development of mobile app markets.

Healthcare is the major talk of the town. Every individual needs a healthy life and telemedicine apps help an individual to resolve their health issues at the comfort of their homes.

Written by Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading Telemedicine App Development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.


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