Telit Cinterion, floLIVE, Skylo Technologies Join Forces in IoT

Telit Cinterion teams up with floLIVE and Skylo for global tracking in Irvine, Calif. Get cell and satellite services with ME910G1 and ME310G1 modules.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Telit Cinterion, floLIVE, Skylo Technologies Join Forces in IoT

Telit Cinterion, a top-notch IoT solutions provider, has partnered with floLIVE and Skylo Technologies to introduce a cool new way to track stuff globally. They shared big news in Irvine, Calif. Now, there is a fancy package of cell and satellite services for Telit Cinterion’s ME910G1 and ME310G1 modules.


This cool solution watches over important things like shipping containers, farm gear and trucks as well everywhere. It works in busy cities, quiet roads, deserts, and oceans too.

Telit Cinterion made something special for companies in transportation, logistics, construction, mining, and farming. It’s an all-in-one package that connects them globally.

Telit Cinterion cellular LPWA module compliant with the latest 3GPP R17 NB-IoT over non-terrestrial network (NTN) standard. This enables satellite data communication using the NB-IoT protocol without necessitating special hardware changes for integration into customer applications.

Telit Cinterion has plans for cell and satellite data, plus a portal to help you connect everywhere. It is like having one central spot to get assistance and control all your devices smartly.

Skylo and floLIVE offer satellite services. Skylo’s an NTN operator, and floLIVE made the world’s first local-global network for IoT.

The Telit Cinterion ME910G1 module is currently undergoing certification and approval by Skylo, making it one of the initial modules available for global customers. The solution is set to debut in Europe and North America following the launch of the floLIVE-Skylo service in 2024.

Chen Porat from floLIVE said using local cell service and satellites everywhere opens up the world to cool things like IoT and digital changes.

Sriram Subramanian from Skylo is super excited about working together. He mentioned that they aim to assist businesses worldwide in using connected devices for exciting tasks and making a significant move forward in the digital domain.

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