Tennr Unveils AI Solution to Enhance Healthcare Fax Machine Operations

By Sunil Sonkar
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Tennr Unveils AI Solution to Enhance Healthcare Fax Machine Operations

AI startup Tennr has hit headlines lately in the world of healthcare. It has come up with an innovative approach to improving the use of fax machines in hospitals and clinics. Their priority is to streamline and enhance the operations of this outdated technology with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).


Even though much effort have been implemented to make the healthcare environment, fax machines have remained prevalent in several countries including the United States. Clinics and hospitals are still relying on the traditional machine to manage referrals, exchange patient records and communicate crucial information. This sometimes results with inefficiencies, extra paperwork and delays too in patient care.

Understanding the challenges faced by hospitals and clinics, Tennr has come with an idea to revolutionize the way fax machines are used. It is not talking about phasing out the machines entirely, but to leverage with the help of AI. The technology will automate manual tasks for healthcare providers like analyzing faxed documents and respond to key information promptly.

The startup has secured $18 million in funding from prominent venture capital such as Andreessen Horowitz and Foundation Capital. This will help Tennr to expand the plans by growing their team and scaling up operations.

Founders Trey Holterman, Diego Baugh and Tyler Johnson are learned had met during their undergraduate studies at Stanford University where they were specializing in machine learning. They are now 24 years old and are focusing on making healthcare operations modern, equipped with latest technology.

Tennr’s AI systems offer various functionalities such as extracting vital patient information from faxed documents and facilitating quick scheduling. The system can also automatically request for missing details if a fax is incomplete. This is believed to be reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

Their technology simultaneously integrates seamlessly with existing fax providers and other systems of hospitals. They state some of the fax machines in the hospitals eve date back to the 1990s

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