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Tesla gives its ‘fully self-driving capable’ vehicles

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Tesla- the word has become synonymous with autopilot cars. Widely regarded as one of the biggest names in automobile industry currently because of its ground-breaking innovations, it has come up with an all new software update that is surely going to accelerate the complete automation of the driving process. The recent update, more popularly known as v8.1, is applicable to all the second generation Tesla vehicles commonly referred to as HW2, namely all the cars made after the mid-October of 2016.

Once the hardware technology becomes available, complete autonomy will be possible, Tesla team believes. In its latest update, significant improvements have been achieved which only goes to show that the professed time is nearer than ever. With betterment of the autopilot process along with a firmer control of the Falcon-Wing door of the Model X, Tesla is right on track. In fact, voice controls has been added too which is a significant feature of any autopilot car. Autosteer, a part of the Autopilot 2.0 has also gone up a notch.Tesla gives its'fully self-driving capable' vehicles

The architecture of the cars

The HW2 cars are powered with as many as eight cameras surrounding the vehicle with twelve fully updated sensors of ultrasonic power. They also include radar facing forward that can process data in an enhanced manner. Together, they create the skeleton of the Enhanced Autopilot mode. The new update also ensures that the on board computers get the necessary boost as they have achieved a computation power 40 times greater than their previous generation cars.

In fact, Tesla has taken initiative to ensure that the new vision technology is no longer created by third party like Mobileye, but themselves. Together, all these equipment are coming together to create an extremely powerful and automated machine that is dedicated to complete self-driving experience. Tesla drivers, however, can shift between the modes, namely the autopilot mode and the completely autonomous mode by disengaging and engaging.  In

Once regulatory approval is obtained and software is validated, the complete self-driving mode will easily become a reality, Tesla considers. Hence, business-purpose vehicles that will be available for eager customers are yet to arrive.

The doubts that exist

While Tesla is quite sure of its abilities and what it can do, Teslarati has not given such affirmation in terms of possibilities as they are quite sceptical about Tesla’s powers. For example, they believe that the v8.1 is not yet, however may the company claim, ready to compete with the brilliance that the first generation cars of Tesla displayed. Tesla’s inability to ensure business-purpose vehicles only show that it has not been able to think of a solution that allows customers to use them as they want to.

While there is no denying the fact that the HW2 vehicles are surely an important move from Tesla towards self-driving cars, such technology always has to be taken with a pinch of salt since the claims are not often validated on reality. The testing environment is widely different from reality where there are many unregulated obstacles that can lead to out of control situations. As long as the company does not find out an effective solution to counter those issues, there can be no business aspect to it.

When will the autonomy come?

The complete self-driving mode, which the experts term as autonomy of level 4 where a car can do anything without the intervention of a human, is yet to arrive. However, Elon Musk, the man whose brainchild is Tesla, believes that within quarter of a year to half a year, Tesla will be ensure that the HW2 emerges with complete self-driving abilities. While this is a major claim considering the scepticism abound, Musk has gone on to make another claim.

He promises to engage in a test drive program himself with a completely autonomous car this year. The drive will stretch from the farthest east of New York to the farthest West of Los Angeles, spanning across the whole country. Surely this is an attempt to convince a large pool of users who are still wondering if such cars are safe at all to be boarded and used which is another obstacle once Tesla releases the HW2 cars as business purpose ones.

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