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When Wall Street’s finest investors gathered to share their insight on the changing winds of enterprise and most importantly, IT industry, an interesting thought came up during a discussion. Tesla, one of the most sought-after companies in recent years, was pitched as an investment and the experts drew uncanny similarities between Tesla and Apple in terms of their approach, especially the Apple of pre-iPhone years. Like Apple, Tesla is also gaining quick foothold in the market by unifying it through certain products.

Currently, Tesla is leading the market by all means and has outperformed names like Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW in US alone by its stupendous sales figures. Tesla’s Model S has already rocked the market and the most recent one, Model 3, has started ousting its competitors even before arriving at the market.

Grabbing the global market

Some of the experts believe that Tesla is, in fact, moving faster than Apple. While the two products are vastly different, it is important to note that the response to Tesla has been sensational as compared to Apple, whose release of iPhone literally shocked the world. Now Tesla’s cars are setting new standards that will be difficult to match.

So much so, Tesla, competing in a highly established field like automobile industry, has put some of the biggest names out of competition with its latest releases. This is unprecedented since Apple was dominating the market but could not really shake off the competition after Android arrived.

Scaling insane heights in the future

Tesla is all set to claim as much as 5% of the global automotive market, which is an insane jump from where it is now. Currently, its global market share amounts to 0.1 percent which is nothing compared to the predicted growth. However, Tesla is not stopping anytime soon in the 10 years and Tesla’s dream to make automotive cars have surely shaken the world in more than one ways.

In fact, Tesla’s current graph is extremely similar to Apple in terms of product expansion and Tesla is also making its own electronic infrastructure like Apple by developing semiconductors. Tesla is also making its own hardware and software to automate the driving process which is exactly how Apple tried to integrate its operating system in all its devices and created its own set of apps and so on. This is precisely how Tesla is approaching towards its automated car which makes the comparison worthy of its kind.


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