Texprocil Pioneers Blockchain Tech for Kasturi Cotton

By Sunil Sonkar
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Texprocil Pioneers Blockchain Tech for Kasturi Cotton

Texprocil is shaking things up by using fancy blockchain technology to track clothes and fabrics made from Kasturi cotton. They are using QR codes to make sure everyone knows exactly where this top-quality cotton comes from.


The Indian government has chosen Cotton Corporation of India and Texprocil to lead the charge in making Kasturi the go-to cotton brand in India. It is all about promoting high-quality stuff that you can trust.

Texprocil has got 300 cotton experts on its team, making sure that the 29-30 mm cotton meets all the right standards – like having only 2 percent trash content and other important things. And here is the cool part. Farmers growing this special Kasturi cotton get extra money – like 5-6 percent more!

According to Lalit Kumar Gupta, the big boss at CCI, they are expecting a good 300 quintals of Kasturi cotton in the first year. And that is just the beginning – more cotton and more happy farmers are on the way as people catch on to the benefits of growing top-notch Kasturi cotton.

This is not just about cotton. It is about India being a trendsetter. Texprocil is leading the charge, using blockchain tech to make sure Kasturi cotton is a big deal. It is all about giving people what they want – high-quality stuff they can trust.

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