Textiles Ministry Approves Startups to Boost Innovation and Sustainability

By Sunil Sonkar
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Textiles Ministry Approves Startups to Boost Innovation and Sustainability

The textile industry needs innovation and sustainability. Focusing on the same vision, the Ministry of Textiles has given green light to several startups working in the technical textiles segment. Rachna Shah, Secretary of the Ministry, announced it during the 7th meeting of the Empowered Programme Committee (EPC) of the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM). She said that the move basically aims to push transformative advancements in the industry.


The Grant for Research and Entrepreneurship across Aspiring Innovators in Technical Textiles (GREAT) by NTTM is the core. The grant will definitely encourage young innovators, scientists, technologists and startup ventures. The goal is to drive India towards self-reliance in the sector.

It is learned that the EPC has approved seven promising startup proposals under the GREAT scheme. Each startup will be entitled to get a fund support of Rs.50 lakh. Moreover, eight startups have been approved under the NTTM. The startups will mainly focus on sustainability, composites, high-performance textiles, meditech and smart textiles.

The approved startups includes ventures developing braided composites for military applications, integrated IFF antennas, surgical simulation models made of composites for training doctors, and nanofibre-infused textiles for energy generation and sensing as well. The projects highlight innovative spirit and technological prowess.

Apart from all these, the IIT Guwahati has also received a grant of approximately Rs.6.4 crore under the guidelines of NTTM for enabling academic institutes in technical textiles. The funding is said to be used to introduce new courses and subjects in technical textiles. The startups will also upgrade their laboratory infrastructures in the Civil Engineering Department. It will empower IIT Guwahati to address the unique geographical and environmental challenges of the North East Region (NER).

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