The 4 Cornerstones of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

By Srikanth
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Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

Many companies, both large and small, have embraced digital marketing in 2023. It makes sense to do so. If you are a business that does not use digital marketing, you are probably going to get left behind by your competitors.


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Before you reach out and talk about your needs, though, you should know about the four cornerstones that often make up a modern digital marketing strategy. We’ll break down each one in the following article.

Beating Your Competition

Virtually every niche has competition. You can’t get into an industry and be the only game in town. That means part of your digital marketing strategy needs to involve beating your competitors.

The way you do that is to study the other websites and marketing strategies employed by other companies in your niche. You need to identify what they’re doing well, and also what they’re doing poorly.

Then, you need to take inspiration from that. The idea isn’t to copy what they’re doing but to surpass it.

Making Sure Your Customers Find You

You must make sure you are implementing a digital marketing strategy that allows your potential customers to find you. That might involve optimizing your website’s content. It may involve adding a blog to your website that draws traffic.

Perhaps you’ll implement a PPC marketing campaign. No matter what you do, you need to ensure that your customers or clients have no issue making their way to your website or downloading your app with the help of eClerx.

Engaging with Your Customers

You must also engage with your potential customers or clients if you hope to get them to purchase products you make or utilize your services. That often involves interfacing with them directly on social media. You should have active social media accounts on the platforms where your customers spend their time.

When they reach out to you, respond promptly. Make sure you answer all their questions and address their concerns. You will also want to create a specific voice and tone for your brand and stick with that.

Utilize Local SEO Whenever Possible

If you have a focus on a particular geographic region, as many companies do, you should make local SEO a part of your marketing strategy. That involves optimizing your social media messaging and website content so that you attract local customers.

This is how you will come to dominate your local niche. When you make it clear that you’re a member of a community, it makes it easier for your local customers to choose to buy from you. This personal connection is how you can beat out national or international competition.

These four tenets must not be neglected if you hope to reach your sales goals in 2023. Any businesses that do not focus the proper amount on digital marketing will probably not see the success that they would like.

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