The Best of Delhi’s Startup Community, to Build a Network

The Best of Delhi’s Startup Community, to Build a Network 1

The Ecosystem Summit of November, 2018 brought the combination of over 250 entrepreneurs, investors, and senior government officials, to run the same enthusiasm across the busy world, Inc42 is diced to keep its agenda on board by holding the Mixer on 28th February. The Inc42 Mixer aims to bring the entrepreneurs, investors and influencers back from, 2015.

The description, they intact on the grounds that was planned for their first edition of the Mixer is estimated to be, “An insanely diverse set of passionate and creative people, a fun evening with an emphasis on bonding rather than networking, peer to peer learning and new relations!”

This idea or conceptualisation of the Mixer of all Startups, Investors, Incubators & Accelerators and Ecosystem Enablers, jumps from the creativity and thought to uphold some achievers together. To provide meaning to the startups and its demands, this idea has been a follow-back from the past 3 years for the people who are willing to or have been a part of Indian Startup Ecosystem. Inc42 Mixers have witnessed startup networking from Delhi to Chennai beholding the common factor at all times and also making it beneficial for the startup companies to stand a chance for the successful upcoming future. This idea develops the companies a chance to combine and join the network without any appointment or prior notice for the arrival. However, since all their events are on an invite-only basis, thus, you will have to qualify for attending the event.

Inc42 promises to meet the plans of #Noagenda #NoJudgements and #NoPressure while thwey are on-board with the upcoming event. This year again Inc42 is expecting to cover over 100 guests across the nation while building together the pillar with: Startups, Investors, Incubators & Accelerators, Ecosystem Enablers.

Entrepreneurs who visited for Inc42’s January F.O.U.N.D.E.R.S. Meetup at the Inc42 headquarters rooftop behold that they can throw a mean party. And henceforth, this remains to be their motto. On February 28, they would host 100 guests across the ecosystem in Delhi focusing on aiming “to let loose and have fun.” Applications are now open with an entry fee of INR 1,999, To make sure about you being one of the selected 100 attendees.

Inc42  believes, “The best way to cover the Indian startups is by creating a platform for the people who power it through their work and ideas. To celebrate their contributions and bring together the movers and shakers of the ecosystem we hold many events throughout the year.” It further adds, “Be it bringing together Indian investors & VCs via our VC Dinner or via bringing together or be it enabling peer to peer learning via The Dialogue and most importantly, our flagship conference, The Junction, an invite-only gathering of 300 key stakeholders of India’s technology and startup ecosystem, all lined up for the next 11 months.”

Thereof, even if its about a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, to build a network with startup ecosystem folks, Inc42 hosts this event to have networking happy hours, panel discussions, pitch sessions and mixers nearly every month.

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