The Biggest Tech Startups Trends Caused by COVID-19 for 2021

By Sony T
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The Biggest Tech Startups Trends Caused by COVID-19 for 2021 1

At the end of 2019, hardly anybody could predict how life would change in the whole world. It may become pretty difficult today to find a person indifferent to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Introverts are in their element, extraverts use any opportunity to mingle. Some people lost their jobs, others grew because they managed to convert all the processes online. The global modern trends in the lifestyle are changing at top speed and this is the time when the best and the most adaptable do win.


As long as every sphere of life is touched by the aftermath of the pandemic, the IT world also can’t but alter. Let’s revise the trends in the tech caused by Corona.

Work from home

This was the first effect that people had to adapt to with the virus outbreak. Those who coped with the situation and managed to afford their teams to work remotely are lucky. Skype, Zoom, MS Teams were there for us. The reality where you wake up 10 minutes before the meeting starts and can allow yourself to wear your pajama pants while talking to clients has come. Thanks to the opportunities of online conferences we don’t need to commute and the productivity doesn’t fall.

To complement online meetings startups develop collaboration platforms for the team members to exchange data in one place. Such tools as Trello and Asana gained popularity. Frameworks and libraries appeared as another handy solution in the pandemic. Webix JavaScript UI library offers a range of complex widgets, that are ready-made SPA applications. They save working time for the developers as less team collaboration is needed. You can create the whole project yourself.

Learn from home

Following parents, kids also faced the forced isolation of 2020. Probably our offsprings took it even more unwillingly. Maybe not. Augmented reality is a trend fast-growing and is widely used nowadays. AR and VR solutions are in high demand and any startup offering similar tools may take off immediately.

At the same time not only youngsters study online today. Some software solutions suppliers admit the rise in the demand for their tools, as people now have more time to explore the market and to find something useful. So the business trends for 2021 prescribe us to upload demos on the site, as well as video tutorials for the potential customers and developers.

Work internationally

2021 is the year of freelancers. If it is no longer necessary to stay in the office, why should I limit my job options to the country I live in. Online interviews have become our daily routine and freelancers all over the globe are starving for the open borders to finally find themselves chilling at the seaside with a laptop in their hands. Sites like Upwork are flourishing as more and more employers are leaning towards the so-called gig economy.

This is one more opportunity for the startups to launch. Developing a platform for freelancers will ensure access to 57.3 million potential users in the USA alone. With the developing tools for online learning and teamwork, this trend doesn’t seem to quickly lose its relevance.

Stay untouchable

Living online presumes shopping online. And social distancing requires no-contact delivery. This is another facet of our post-Covid life. Yet another chance for the startups to grab. Robotic delivery is steadily penetrating our routine. Startups may be inspired by the case of the Nuro company, for instance. They develop autonomous delivery vehicles for carrying goods to the customers.

Keep safe

People continue falling ill. But not only with Coronavirus. When all the hospitals are struggling with the pandemic victims, online doctors support those with other symptoms. The Telemedical field is also a promising niche for startups. Electronic health record systems have appeared to facilitate the process of patient-doctor interaction. This may also sound intriguing for the next Zuckerberg.

A man’s home is a man’s castle

People have spent too much time at home. With the pandemic, they realized home may not be just a place to relax but also a place to work. Platforms for finding, renting, and buying new housing will develop further. Potential customers are looking now not just for a place with suitable infrastructure. Their requirements, first of all, include a quiet neighborhood with an excellent internet connection. Secondly, nice facilities around are important, as people need a place to do sport, to have a cup of coffee, and a convenient coworking space somewhere close. The third thing is a community of like-minded people. Mutual troubles unite people greatly, so the pandemic has contributed to the overall solidarity of people.


It seems we are going to live with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for quite some time. It has changed our lives radically but we can’t but mention the technological progress it has brought as a side effect. People tend to adapt quickly and to gain benefits from any situation. So let us learn from the experience we have now and use it in successful projects in the future.

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