The Evolution of Content Creation In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

The Evolution of Content Creation In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence 1

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are turning to technology to help them create content more efficiently. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used to assist with content creation, from generating ideas to producing finished pieces. In this article, we’ll take a look at how content creation has evolved in the age of AI and explore the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology.

Just half a decade ago, content creation was a domain that included multiple creative processes like research, script writing, narration, sound engineering, video editing, special effects, and much more, which demanded substantial financial resources, human talent, and time. However, times are evolving, and so is the content creation process! Now, AI-powered tools like, Jasper, Deepbrain, Synthesia, Rawshorts, Well said, and Nova A.I. are teaming up to replace human talent, that too, at a fraction of the cost. The table below shows how a meager investment in an AI workforce can execute all content creation operations at half the amount you would pay an employee.

Human ResourceAICost (per month)$) Rs.1640
Script WriterJasper(59$) Rs.4840
Sound EngineerDeepbrain(29$) Rs.2380
Video EditorSynthesia(30$) Rs.2460
Special Effects ArtistRawshorts(59$) Rs.4840
Voiceover ArtistWellsaid(49$) Rs.4020
Music EngineerNova A.I.(18$) Rs.1480

If used skillfully, AI-powered tools can help achieve superior results. Adobe, for instance, struggled to engage its customers on their website and convert them into sales due to the bombardment of irrelevant content. But, as soon as they took the assistance of AI chatbot Drift, they successfully started converting more visitors into customers, generating a hike of $10.8 million in their revenue.

According to a survey, about 31% of content creators find it difficult to consistently produce content that resonates with their audience. This is where AI’s superpower comes in, as it can sort through vast amounts of content in drastically less time and select the most relevant piece for a particular audience. No wonder some brands like Heinz opt for AI-generated AD campaigns to promote their products more efficiently. Moreover, unlike humans, AI never gets tired and has the potential to streamline the content creation process, thus producing more content in less time. Let’s take YouTube’s algorithm, for example. Using AI, one can become consistent with their content, and YouTube’s algorithm is smart enough to take notice of that. This, in turn, engages more audiences on YouTube, doing wonders for every content creator.

Also, with the increasing use of AI-generated content, audiences may come to expect a certain level of quality from content creators, eliminating low-quality content at its roots. However, AI can only analyze past data according to the simple principle: “Garbage in; Garbage out.” Even IBM, which is at the forefront of AI innovation, writes, “While advancements in AI mean that computers can be coached on some parameters of creativity, experts question the extent to which AI can develop its sense of creativity. Can AI be taught how to create without guidance?”

While AI can generate ideas quickly and efficiently, it lacks the human creativity and intuition that is essential to creating truly unique and compelling content. While AI can produce grammatically correct and factually accurate content, it can often lack the emotional resonance and storytelling ability essential to connecting with audiences.

Contributed By Gaurav Thakur, Founder , Getsetfly Media

Written by Srikanth

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