The Evolution of the Virtual House of Gaming due to Tech Trend. 

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Technology and the casino existed since the early days and both giants continued to develop through time. In 1994, the fusion of the technology and the casino was made possible when a software company from the Isle of Man introduced the very first online casino, and during that year when the first offshore licensing jurisdictions the Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade and Processing Act. The following year, another software company Cryptologic introduced actual money transactions on the internet thus the real money online gambling platform was born.


In 2004 exactly ten years after the first online casino was introduced, the same software company which introduced the online casino Microgaming software introduced the possibility of wagering online using the mobile phone.

As time passes the online casino evolved as the smartphone develops making it more accessible and more efficient which makes betting online more popular. In 2021, Statista shows the market size of the online gambling and betting industry worldwide reached 61.5 billion dollars and is forecasted to reach 114.4 billion US dollars by 2028.

The Online Casino

The online casino is a gaming application that can be downloaded on the Apple store or Play store for Android. It mimics the bricks-and-mortar casino in terms of the games. However, since this is digital, the virtual casino can offer more than 3000 ways for the players to play the casino games and they can also perk it up by creating an avatar or choosing a theme whenever they play slots or roulette.

Due to its popularity, the online casino industry is booming and a huge number of casino sites flourish. Almost every day new online casinos pop up. Unfortunately, not all of these sites are legal and some of them are rogue casinos or frauds. Luckily decent online casinos are not very hard to find and you can find them on one of the trustworthy recommendation sites. These sites offer the best casino games and a variety of bonuses with a higher RTP or Return to Player percentage. Learn more about these casino sites and get to know what they can offer.

Types of playing the casino game

The online casino offers two ways of playing casino games. The Virtual and the Live Casino.

·        Virtual

The virtual casino is a software-based game that is quite popular with virtual punters who are on the go and prefer to place a bet to kill the time or to keep them preoccupied. The casino games here are decided by the Pseudo Random Number Generator or PRNG. The PRNG is a mathematical Algorithm that determines the outcome of the game.

·        Live Casino

Live casino is very popular among virtual bettors because it copies the ambiance of the physical casino although it is played online. This online gambling activity is live and real-time and the players can meet other players and their croupier. All casino games are conducted online hence the result of the game depends on the player. Communication with the dealer is done thru a chatterbot found on the platform. 

The Technology used in the Online Casino

Since the beginning, technology played a big part in the evolution of the casino which is the main reason we can wager in a more convenient way due to its accessibility.

Mentioned below are some of the technologies applied in the virtual casino.

1.     5G experience

The 5th generation is presented in the mobile network, especially in modern smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The 5G assures to provide faster downloads, lower legs, and more enhanced graphics. Online casinos adapted to 5G for a better image, audio, and more efficient service.

2.     Artificial Intelligence (AI)

During the live dealer, the chatterbot was mentioned. The chatterbot once not used for human communication such as queries to a customer service representative of the casino site will automatically switch to bot chat where all offline queries will be answered depending on the questions and answers that are already programmed.

The AI is also responsible for collecting data of the existing players of the casino site and making surveys about which games are preferred by the player and promptly reporting them to the site.

3.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is combining the digital environment with the player’s environment simultaneously. AR is capable of imitating the present environment of the user and then applying it to the digital world. In the virtual casino, the player can wager online using the copied physical environment of the user or the environment where they are comfortable.

4.     Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or VR is very famous because the player will immerse in the digital world using augmented goggles, 360 degrees cameras, and game controllers. By immersing in the digital online casino, the player can actually see, feel and mingle with other players and the dealer. The digital online casino provides an illusion of a physical casino to the player and actually plays any casino games or even table games.

5.     The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the Firewall

The SSL is usually used in the bank to secure their important data by encrypting them making it difficult for cyber thieves to decipher them. This is now applied in the online casino since this institution deals with money day and day out. Aside from monetary issues, the SSL also protects the private information of the players and the casino operator which cyber criminals might use.

The Firewall of the online casino is highly developed and it is capable of detecting incoming malicious threats which might harm the site. Once detected, it will automatically crush them before it reaches the site.

6.     Cloud Gaming

This is commonly called game streaming because this is online gaming that runs internet or video games and streams them directly to the user’s device. This is also popular in online casinos since not all players can upgrade their devices. So, if the casino site is updated and the player cannot open the game, cloud gaming is suitable for them.

Final Insight:

Technology continues to develop and the online casino continuously adapts to it. These are some of the automation which made an impact on the virtual house of gambling. Who knows what happens in the future?

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