The Hottest Tech Job Trends in 2023: What IT Professionals Need to Know 

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The Hottest Tech Job Trends in 2023: What IT Professionals Need to Know  1

To stay competitive in the IT labor market in 2023, professionals should be ready to upgrade their existing skills and obtain new ones. In this overview, we’ll list the top in-demand tech jobs as well as the most sought-after skills for tech specialists. This information will enable you to better plan your career development. And if you’re only planning to start working in iT, this text will help you choose the right direction.


Most In-Demand Tech Jobs 2023

This list is based on the statistics taken from job boards and IT staffing agency. The market is highly dynamic: the list of 2024 might look very different from the current one.

Cloud Engineer

Professionals from this niche oversee the functioning of cloud-based systems. They guarantee the smooth development of such systems and take care of troubleshooting. To succeed in this field, it’s crucial to have strong analytical and communication skills. The latter come in handy for staying in touch with the rest of the tech team as well as the clients.

Database Developer

Such specialists develop, maintain and troubleshoot servers. They identify their employers’ business needs and detect the solutions that can best meet these needs. They work with big data infrastructure and big data engines.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps experts coordinate the collaboration between engineers and coders. Their efforts boost the overall productivity of the organization. They deploy and maintain apps as well as outline the strong and weak sides of systems and solutions.

Front-End Developer

People who opt for this occupation become in charge of the interfaces of desktop and mobile products. They build apps, making sure they are user-friendly and functional. Besides, they maintain and debug their products.

Help Desk Specialists

The staff of a help desk typically consists of three tiers. The initial one requires only minimal technical expertise. The two following ones are for experienced candidates with a profound understanding of the products that they deal with. Today, employers are actively looking for help desk staffers on the second and third tier whose technical and communication skills are equally well developed.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Specialists in this area ensure that all the computers within an enterprise work well together. To cope with this job, it’s necessary to handle both hardware and software. Such employees fix failures and minimize the consequences of emergencies.

Software Engineer/Developer

Professionals with this qualification build custom software according to their clients’ requirements. They know several programming languages and establish productive communication with their customers. Software engineers and developers work as a part of the team and coordinate their activities with colleagues. They write code, provide documentation for it and amend it according to the feedback from the quality assurance department.

The Hottest Tech Job Trends in 2023: What IT Professionals Need to Know  2

Systems Security Manager

Such a manager leads the security team that consists of analysts, administrators and other members. They make sure all the parties involved are on the same page and prevent any potential hazards. Before you become a manager, it’s essential to work for a few years as a security specialist of a lower level.

Top Tech Skills 2023

Now, let’s have a look at the skills that can enhance your employment opportunities. They’re relevant for employees with any level of expertise — including those who’re only choosing an IT program to start studying.

Basic Programming

Programmers write code to deliver various digital products. To get started, it’s enough to learn just one programming language. The more languages you know, the easier it will be for you to learn the next one. Besides, you should master different tools and frameworks to facilitate the process of coding.

Low-Code Platforms

Such platforms enable you to build digital products (such as simple business apps) even if you don’t know programming languages and are not too tech-savvy. You might want to learn how to use them if you’re a manager of a company that wants to save funds on hiring and outsourcing IT pros. After you deliver a product, it will be easy for you to maintain and update it.

UI/UX Design

Specialists in this niche research the tastes and habits of their target audience. Then, they design the interfaces of digital products so that they precisely meet their users’ demands. They realize very well how many clickable buttons there should be on the page, which size and color to choose for them and where to place them.

Data Engineering

Data-driven decisions help businesses to improve their products, increase customer satisfaction and generate larger revenues. Data engineering is a large and complex field. Its essence boils down to gathering and structuring the information. Experts in this niche know how to get data from various sources as well as manage, optimize and store it.

The Hottest Tech Job Trends in 2023: What IT Professionals Need to Know  3

Data Visualization

Visualization is a superb way of structuring data so that people better perceive it. It includes graphs, charts and infographics. To create visuals of this type, professionals learn how to handle graphic software. Plus, they need to know at least the basics of data analytics.

Video Editing

Companies need high-quality videos to market their products and services, train their staff and onboard their clients. To make the most of the visual content, professionals should write great scripts, edit the videos and optimize them for different search engines.


Systems for customer relationship management store information about all the clients that an organization has ever interacted with. At any moment, the managers can analyze the demographics of their audience, create and send out personalized messages to consumers, segment the audience according to their purchasing behavior and carry out many other tasks. Ultimately, a CRM enables companies to better target their marketing efforts, sell more efficiently and boost their income.

Product Management

These specialists ensure that developers deliver apps, websites and other digital solutions on time. They double-check that the ready product fully meets the client’s requirements. For this occupation, it’s necessary to have strong analytical and communication skills, get a clear vision of business goals and be able to organize the work of the whole product team.

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