The Importance of reliable hosting and when it’s the high time to migrate

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When you’re contemplating on starting a website, choosing a reliable host can be quite confusing. With numerous choices on the market, it’s easy to pick the least expensive option. Nevertheless, it would be best to view web hosting as an investment that you’re making for your business.


Whether you own a small or a large business, your web hosting provider can make or ruin your business. Reliable web hosting is an essential element of all successful websites. Keep reading this post to learn some of the benefits of a reliable host and signs that will show you when it’s the right time to move to another host.

Benefits of reliable hosting


Everyone knows that all web hosting needs to be highly secure. Compromised websites could lead to data loss, downtime, or, worse, a data contravention for your customers.

Web security is more significant than before. A reliable web host with the latest security features is a vital element of any security scheme. Reliable hosting has firewalls, regular site backups, and other safety measures to secure the webserver and the entire datacenter.

Even though, theoretically, every site host would provide sufficient security for your website. Not all web hosting service providers are safe and secure. 

Numerous cheap website hosts scrimp on security standards to minimize expenses and continue to generate revenue.

Security infringements and hacks are widespread. However, some web hosts take extra measures to sites hosted on their computers.

Another safety measure that reliable web hosting offers are Security Sockets Layer Certificates. SSL certificates encrypt information or data between the hosting server and the customers who are on your website. 

It’s highly recommended that all site owners buy the SSL certificate for their website’s safety.

Reliable hosting does not have to be costly, but it’s rarely available at low prices. Investing in a secure web host is a shrewd move. Although you may have to spend a little more, you’ll save yourself considerable problems.  


Sometimes, it’s easy to consider services such as web hosting for simple technological investment. Yet, some people run and maintain servers. A reliable web host must have people who can help in supporting your website.

Regardless of how reliable your web hosting service provider is, there will be times when you’ll require to contact them. 

Whenever issues arise, you’ll require a devoted support team to help resolve those issues. Attempting to solve website problems on your own can be quite a struggle. More so, if you lack the necessary technical skills.

Get reliable hosting in advance, and they will support you with backups of your information and much more. 


If you want your website to generate revenue, then it has to be available around the clock. This availability will allow visitors to access your site without any interruptions.

Nowadays, you will find that nearly every web host guarantees 99.8% uptime for your sites. This percentage leaves room for scheduled downtime, which is necessary for server maintenance. Anything below this value is unacceptable.

A reliable and competent hosting provider separates itself from its competition with its user’s support.

Before deciding on a web hosting provider, ensure that you’ve verified their uptime policy. If you’re uncertain about your decision, enter a query on Google. InterServer web hosting service does not disappoint and here you can check the reviews about it. After all, there’s no need to build a website only to be offline when you highly need it.


A reliable web hosting provider is scalable. Scalable hosting expands available storage space and processing ability once your requirements spike. 

You’ll want to use a hosting provider that can change as your site upgrades. Hopefully, your website will not remain the same for the rest of its life. If you’re starting with a shared hosting plan, you might ultimately require to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan. 

When selecting a hosting provider, ensure they provide scalable packages. This way, you’ll be able to upgrade to another host in time.  

Signs that indicate it’s the high time to migrate to a new hosting provider.

If you’ve been having problems with your site, it may be because your host is not a good match. Here are four signs that will inform you when it’s time to move to another host.

1.Your site’s download speed is low.

Website speed is one of the critical factors to search engine optimization, conversion rate, and visitor’s views of your website. It’s prudent to frequently test your website’s speed to ensure your loading times are short and to remedy any performance problems.

While a jammed server can slow your loading speed, your host’s location also determines the download time. A server that is located far from the end-user isn’t able to serve content quickly.

To know if this is the situation for your site, you can test your website’s speed from various locations. In case your website loads faster from specific locations and takes long periods to load in others: you will know host location is the cause of speed issues in those areas.

2.The support team isn’t helpful.

A strong bond with your site hosting service provider is so precious. If you’re starting a website, there will be times when server-related issues occur on your website. In such cases, you’ll require to contact your web host quickly to solve the problem and revive your site.

If your web hosting service provider is hard to reach or offers insufficient solutions, consider migrating to a new host.

3.Server security is below average.

As you can recall, hosting companies are liable for providing security to their servers. Not all hosts are careful and hardworking as they should be in regards to safety. And occasionally, hackers exploit flaws in your server to succeed in entering your site. 

A security breach can be detrimental to your site since it compromises your data and decreases credibility.

4.Many unusual downtime’s

Any time your site is inaccessible by users is regarded down. If your site is unavailable for a few seconds, this could lead to huge problems. For beginners, more downtime than usual makes your site seem unreliable and substandard to users plus search engines.

Therefore, if you keep noticing your site is down, your web host may be causing the downtime. In such an instance, migrating to a more reliable web host is the best move for your website.

For hosting to be reliable, it needs to be secure, scalable, dependable, and have a helpful technical support team. Before moving to a new web host, you can converse with existing customers to get opinions on the host’s reliability. 

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