The Importance of Robust Security in the Shift from IoT to IoE

By Sunil Sonkar
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The Importance of Robust Security in the Shift from IoT to IoE

The world is becoming more connected gradually. Thanks to the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our homes and our workplaces are getting smarter with time and therefore it is the need for robust security measures. IoT devices generate massive amounts of data in real-time. This makes our lives more convenient as well as more vulnerable too. It is important to ensure that unauthorized people can’t access the data.


Undoubtedly IoT has revolutionized several sectors including retail, manufacturing and healthcare. It allows devices to share data instantly. However, the call of the day is to think beyond IoT. Hence, a term has been coined as the Internet of Everything (IoE). It combines IoT with the Internet of Digital (IoD) and the Internet of Humans (IoH). It connects people, smart devices as well as organizations. It operates on four key principles and these are people, data, things and processes. For example, a retail store solution under it would seamlessly integrate financial services, store monitoring, order processing and inventory management too. Hence, it is a more efficient and responsive system.

IoD handles applications like social networks, media services and cloud platforms. All these are collectively called SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud). IoH focuses on devices that interact with humans like connected medical devices. These enable services like remote patient monitoring and health advisory solutions. Considering such futuristic approach, it is believed IoE is set to become the backbone of smart services.

Real-time applications of IoE are already transforming various sectors. IoE optimizes traffic flow, monitors air quality and manages waste efficiently in smart cities. It also aids in predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and real-time inventory tracking in industrial automation.

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