The Jobs AI Will Take Over First [Infographic]

Artificial intelligence has become a greater and greater part of everyday life over the past few years. And now, research suggests that over 30% of jobs in Britain could be under threat from breakthroughs in AI.

The info-graphic below looks at each individual sector, to find out where jobs could be at the most risk from automation, with the data newly updated for 2019

The difference between the sectors is varied. For example, 54% of jobs in the chefs and catering industry are at risk, as well as 45% of the jobs in manufacturing. In contrast, only 9% of the jobs in education are at risk.

This might sound disheartening. However, increased use of AI in the workplace will require the creation of new jobs to manage this, so although your role could change in the future, it doesn’t mean you’ll be out of work altogether.

“Automating more manual and repetitive tasks will eliminate some existing jobs,” confirms John Hawksworth, Chief Economist at PwC, “but could also enable some workers to focus on higher value, more rewarding and creative work.”

Browse the infographic below to see how your industry could be affected by AI.
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The Jobs AI Will Take Over First


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