The Key to Software Development Success: Good Communication Skills

By Srikanth
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The Software Development Production Process

The software development company is demanding at best, and ruthless at worst. The market changes quickly and so development must be timely, well-focused and perfectly managed to hope for good results after release. All that being said, it is easy to take a step in the wrong direction and have your project pay for it as a result


As a part of a company that develops healthcare technology I have picked up on just how important strong communication is in the production process.

The value of strong communication

Communication is a basic necessity for every organization. Regardless of how many people your team has, the way they exchange information can make or break a software project. Below I have listed some of the biggest ways that communication can impact the way the project is conducted and whether the required development will be successful.

Eliminating delays

In software development the direction of production can shift quickly. This can depend on the current market, the client’s objectives and demands as well as resource management within the company.

If your team has a good foundational communication chain, any changes can be relayed to the responsible employees very quickly and efficiently. This can limit the delays to releases, as well as save valuable time and resources from dedicated effort in the wrong direction.

Team management

Team management is a key component of any project management. All members need to be up to date to any details that concern their part of development. In addition to that the chain of command is also very dependent on good communication. 

Every employee needs to know who to turn to in specific situations. Additionally, maintaining necessary structures such as routine meetings, shared agenda with clear requirements and manageable deadlines require careful planning. And in the cases where unforeseen circumstances arise it is crucial for an employee to have reliable two-way channels.


I already touched on that a little bit before. To keep the development process running smoothly requires flexibility on the details while being strict about the end goal. This being said, in order to keep the production running like a well-oiled machine all communication needs to be clear, easy to access as needed, reliable and timely.

While it may seem to take effort and resources to set up systems that work, in the long run when it comes to resource effectiveness this will save much more in production costs than it will spend.

Removes limitations 

Nowadays, the way that we communicate is easily digitized. This allows a company to expand past the limitation of employees living locally and find a team that is cost-effective, reliable, professional and knowledgeable without borders. That is without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Good communication through digital tools removes nearly all limitations and allows for more innovative, experimental and efficient ways to conduct business worldwide.

Core aspects of communication

To carry out effective communication  there are certain skills that need to be demanded and nurtured in employees from all levels of production.


Communication needs to be both relayed and received. So emphasizing on listening as a principle will go a long way. This can take different forms from meetings, online calls, emails etc. However staying up to date on all new information is a responsibility of every individual employee. 

Body Language

While naturally what is being said is extremely important, the body language aspect of any conversation can significantly sway the understanding of the matter. Of course, we are not talking about email and chat conversations but rather business meetings, interviews or even just casual interactions in the workplace. 

Tone of Voice

Whenever we are talking with anyone the way we say things will impact perception. And in the context of a professional environment it is best to remain professional, yet slightly friendly. This can vary from company to company based on the culture in the office. However, whatever the requirements for your job are, remember to be mindful of your tone of voice and how you approach colleagues

Clarity and Brevity

At work people are busy. There is a lot to get done and people are usually buried in their own workload to take a long time discussing anything that doesn’t affect them. 

So being clear and concise is particularly important. Getting your point across while not enticing the person on the other hand of the conversation to become annoyed or irritable is key.

Success through timely and effective communication

To release a successful product a lot of factors need to be aligned properly. This includes market conditions, business methods and practices, employee individuality and involvement and more. 

Communication is the bridge between business and software development, as well as between all of the operational structures. If the chain gets broken it can be detrimental to the progress of the project. Ultimately pushing all the necessary features for a great software product demands it.

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