The Magic of Operational ML in AdTech

Advertising is rapidly moving to AdTech, driven by technology and the internet's influence. It is all about personalized ads using operational ML and algorithms, leaving traditional mass advertising behind.

By Sunil Sonkar
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The Magic of Operational ML in AdTech

The world of advertising is changing fast, moving from traditional methods to something called AdTech, and now it is all about something called operational Machine Learning (ML). This big change is happening because of technology getting better, the internet becoming a big deal as well as social media and digital platforms taking over. Instead of old-fashioned mass advertising, now things like Machine Learning, algorithms and data-driven insights are at the heart of creating and delivering personalized ads.


Operational ML is like the champion of advertising innovation. It makes decisions right away, helps brands reach the right people better and solves problems for different types of businesses. This way, ads are not just seen but are also super smart in how they talk to people.

In India, where the digital world is growing fast and the population is set to hit 900 million in 2024, operational ML is a big deal. There are 470 million people using social media, 350 million using digital payments and millions engaged in online activities like e-commerce, gaming and utility bill payments.

A global study found that 37% of marketers see advanced ML as the secret to success in picking the right advertising platforms. In 2024, operational ML will be like a secret weapon, analyzing how people behave, recommending products just for them and making sure they buy more, especially in the booming e-commerce world.

Businesses are using operational ML to balance growing and making money. Next year, brands are going to try out new stuff. They will see how much money they make compared to what they spend on ads and find the best ways to promote. To be clever about advertising, they will use things like RFM and Quick Ratios. It is like they are using secret tricks to make ads work better.

Connected TV (CTV) ads are also making a big impact. These ads are like money-savers with cool features! Brands can talk to exactly who they want without spending lots on TV deals. They can even see how well their ads are doing right away and change things if needed.

As AdTech integrates ML, the future looks exciting. Computer models are going to make ads work better, even with new rules about how companies use our info. In 2024, AdTech is all about using these models to make ads cool and personal for everyone. It is like ads that know exactly what you want.

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