The must have AI Content Creation for marketers

The must have AI Content Creation for marketers 1

Automation and artificial intelligence are about to fundamentally change digital marketing.

They assist you in gaining a competitive edge in the crowded field of digital marketing. Numerous time-consuming processes can be automated, freeing up your time to concentrate on the creative components of content marketing. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you may get to know your clients better and establish enduring relationships with them.

The subject of content marketing is varied, requiring marketers to keep their eyes on too many balls at once, from audience research to content ideation to content creation to search engine optimization.

In this hostile environment, you cannot afford to let your guard down. If not, your rivals will exceed you and take control of your niche.

Most digital marketers use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather customer data, tailor content, and automate content marketing activities. Process automation and optimization, seamless customer service, and content personalization are some of their main areas of interest.

The promise of artificial intelligence is to reduce guesswork in the content development process. AI speeds up the collection and analysis of client data. It makes sense of all the structured and unstructured data you gather, giving you perceptions into the emotional triggers that lead to relationship- and conversion-building consumer behavior. By automatically generating high-quality articles from statistics and facts, natural language generation systems integrate data analytics with content development.

You should make the necessary tool investments in order to produce AI content that satisfies client demand for personalisation. The effective AI marketing solutions listed below can help you automate your content marketing activities.

  1. AI Tool that Writes on Its Own: Article Forge

You haven’t heard of Article Forge if the idea of writing excellent articles with a bot strikes you as science fiction. One of the most impressive AI content generation tools available is Article Forge.

It not only aids in the creation of original, high-quality material but also automatically adds videos, photos, and titles to your web pages or articles.

  1. Acrolinx: Copywriting with AI

One of the most dependable AI marketing tools for content production is Acrolinx. It has a number of features that appeal to content marketers. For instance, it is an authoring tool, which means that it examines and “understands” the communication patterns of your business. Additionally, Acrolinx evaluates the effectiveness of your material.

You can use this tool to produce content that adheres to the brand voice and style of your business. By doing so, you will improve brand recognition and consistency. Additionally, you will publish your material more quickly, lower the cost of content editing, and improve client satisfaction.

  1. WordLift: SEO automation

Do tedious manual SEO activities keep you from producing high-quality original content? In this respect, WordLift excels. Natural language processing is used by this WordPress plugin to automate structured data markup. For instance, it can automate internal linking to make it simpler for search engines to find the content of your website. Additionally, it provides media suggestions to help you make your material more timely.

  1. CX Personalization Across Multiple Channels with OneSpot

Your content marketing strategy’s foundation is built on personalized user experiences. It doesn’t sound feasible, though, to use automation and artificial intelligence to produce customized and pertinent information.

OneSpot disproves our claims. It analyses user activity and utilizes machine learning to deliver pertinent content.

OneSpot, for instance, enables businesses to offer users to their websites tailored content. Based on their online actions, it automates user journeys and content experiences. It makes it easier to track qualitative metrics like user engagement or content quality.

  1. Writing ML Content with

An AI-driven piece of software called GhostWriter enables you to quickly and easily produce highly engaging and pertinent AI content.

Its Lookalike Profiler gathers client information and aids in the creation of material that is pertinent to them.

In order to assist you in creating user-centric, on-brand content that appeals to your target audience, the tool also provides a content creator that learns from your writing style, subject matter, and tone of voice.

Way Forward

The content marketing ecosystem as we know it has undergone a revolution thanks to artificial intelligence.

Therefore, if you are worried that AI will replace you at work, we understand. The good news is that NLG and artificial intelligence are still in their infancy, so they cannot take over anytime soon. NLG and automation will rule the content marketing ecosystem in the future. As a result, there can be net job losses. If you are the sole one carrying out all of that, you are doing well since AI will automate tedious manual labour and free your imagination.

Contributed by Ms. Sana Afreen,CCO & Asst. Director Program Management, Rizzle

Written by Srikanth

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