The new era of Customer Service using Conversational Bots

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Conversational AI challenges and opportunities

Artificial Intelligence has redefined customer service in recent years and brought a radical change in the industry. AI is enabling companies to provide better and faster support to consumers together with saving massive operational costs. AI-powered chatbots are used by almost every major organisation around the world today. These conversational bots offer a significant advantage over traditional customer service methods like 24*7 support, minimal human intervention, and scalability.  


 AI chatbot’s framework is based on rapidly rising technologies in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Semantics Analysis. Modern conversational bots are built to identify consumers’ sentiments and can inculcate empathy and human emotions into the conversations. 

How do chatbots work?

Artificial Intelligence uses the technologies mentioned above to answer customer’s questions. They usually derive these answers from the data and information on a functional Knowledge Base. AI chatbots act as a specimen of self-service. They are paving a tech-driven approach for businesses to handle customers’ queries. Chatbots are helpful for customers as a powerful tool providing faster responses to their questions. They also help service agents to provide instant solutions.

Conversational bots could be deployed across various channels. Implementing an omnichannel system could help the conversational bots retain the context and history of customer interaction regardless of the communication channel. Conversational bots are not a substitute for live customer agents but could be thought of as a respite for agents. If a query arises beyond the scope of a chatbot, it passes on the question to an agent. 

Chatbots are great at handling simple tasks and multiple requests at once; they also improve interactions. These conversational bots are still undergoing a lot of research regarding handling complex queries and interactions. AI could be thought of as an assistant to help human agents and make their jobs easier. Conversational bots can answer common questions instantly; they reduce average hold times and quickly route calls to the right agent or department. Meanwhile, human agents can deal with complex issues challenging to handle for bots; they can quickly grasp the human emotion from the other side—something which conversational bots are still learning and undergoing a lot of innovation. 

Implement AI chatbots for enriching CX

A Knowledge Management System for chatbots makes it possible to enrich the customer service experience and have a human feel with the customer interaction. Our Knowledge Base makes chatbots intelligent enough to disguise as human agents with incredible efficiency and reliability. With our conversational AI bots, you can reduce support tickets, minimize operational costs and get seamless digital interaction. Our bots also provide an extension to L1 support. 

Our bots are NLP trained, which means they can easily capture human sentiments while delivering accurate resolutions. They are also capable of having meaningful conversations with customers and feel less artificial and more human. With multilingual capabilities, our bots can efficiently handle more than a dozen languages. Built on and trained by our Knowledge Management system, our AI bots can converse in a language convenient for your target audience. They are well-versed in adapting to common phrases and speech, which help in eliminating language barriers. 

A Knowledge Management system’s AI-powered framework leverages information from the knowledge base and curates answers accordingly. The responses are contextual, fast and bots can handle multiple requests at once. It is a blessing for CX teams as intelligent virtual assistants can resolve tickets almost as fast as human agents. This helps agents get more time for complex tickets and focuses more on enhancing customer experience. Operational expenses also go down with the implementation of conversational chatbots.

Features like predictive search, decision trees, and visual guides promote easy access to information. With an omnichannel experience, consumers get consistent interaction across different digital channels. You can also train our bot to engage with prospective buyers, generate new leads, and cross-sell your range of products and services.  


As the perfect specimen of self-service, AI chatbot is paving a tech-driven way for businesses to handle customers’ queries digitally. Being a powerful digital tool, chatbots are helpful for customers seeking faster responses to their questions & for agents to give instant solutions. Implement conversational AI bots to revolutionise your customer experience and save immense operational costs with fast and seamless resolutions of customer’s queries. AI bots can deliver a quality customer experience to convert potential buyers and existing customers into loyal users. 

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