The Next Big Thing Is Cloud Gaming

The Next Big Thing Is Cloud Gaming
The Next Big Thing Is Cloud Gaming

Have you ever heard about cloud Gaming? Well, it is just in the starting stage of development. At present cloud applications into gaming are sparse. Major companies are planning to make major developments in it. In less span of time cloud is going to be the major platform for gaming applications.

Cloud Gaming:

We need to have a video game device for playing any kind of video game. Your smartphone, PC, Tab, any handheld devices are computers that run your game software. All the video games work majorly on the same principle of taking input, processing it and producing output. In spite, it had some limitations like every game is compatible only to its specific device and hardware. Hence cloud Gaming came into the picture.

By utilizing the streaming video and internet cloud gaming removed the limitations of gaming. Cloud Gaming majorly works on the concept of offloading that is having a glorified terminal instead of running a game in a specific device. Processing, graph rendering, and input processing are carried out by games run on high-power server computers. All the terminals you have to do are show the game to the player, the only thing your terminal has to do is display the graph feed as streaming video. Cloud Gaming had increased a lot of possibilities like every device which may be low powered as well as high powered could run almost every type of games. The major competitors in cloud Gaming are OnLive and Gaikai which were formed in 2008 and 2009.

Streaming infrastructure doesn’t help for further development to support the existing business model. The most recurrent application is a cloud backup save, as in the case of the failure of PlayStation Network or the Switch Online service. This entitles you to save games that are stored safely from the local hardware. If something happens to the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you can still resume the game that was saved when you restored the hardware. Cloud Gaming had enormous advantages like:


It will give you the opportunity to play or continue games from anywhere or any device. We can access to any saved games or library of gaming titles.

2.Any-device gaming:

It is compatible with any device like smartphone, TV, tablet, Mac, High quality, low-latency, multi-device gaming.

3.Less fuss:

There is less hassle with no new hardware, no game disc, no complicated setup, no game installations, no digital downloads, no game pitches.

Storm Clouds:

The major concerns about cloud computing are data sharing concern and user privacy. Major players, however, will have obstacles to overcome. User activity is recorded through the cloud, and often cloud computing companies generate additional revenue by selling user activity data to market researchers, users may be very careful in submitting their personal information.

There may also be issues of server outages sometimes. At present most of the games are accessible only after login and major single player games allows to play without any internet connection. If streaming games through the cloud are the future, server downtime altogether – even if only for maintenance will completely stop you from playing.

Largely developed countries like the US had a high-speed internet connection for fast access to cloud-based games when compared to less developed countries. According to FCC data, 24 million homes don’t have proper internet services.

The major concern is latency, the game installed on your console or PC, the hardware itself does the computing entail to drift the push button and unveil the appropriate feedback.

In the streaming model, the signal from your controller must be consigned to the cloud server, which then has to make a video and broadcast it back to you. Each of these operations will take place in a split second, but the player will notice if the control doesn’t feel responsive.

While feedback from the Google Project Stream test is most effective in this case, the sample is elite to become a strong gamer with high-speed internet. Cell companies have developed 5G specifically to address some of the broad technological summonses that come with heavy data requests, plus reducing latency and costs, and aiming for high data rates. If streaming games come with 5G, discuss broadband penetration and latency can both be solved at once. This can also gloss Verizon’s heed in streaming games, as an opportunity to deploy new cellular technology with end products for consumers.


Cloud gaming had a lot of dangerous kindred with it and most remarkable danger is historical preservation. Any game with online components cannot be maintained in a meaningful way. Retro games, although they can be emulated, are constantly being criticized by companies like Nintendo that make emulators and ROMs less accessible. The game is no longer a product, it is an experience that we pay because it is close to the launch and then never again. A hard game might be just the end of that attitude.

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