The Next Big Thing Is Live Streaming TV Services

The Next Big Thing Is Live Streaming TV Services 1

There is no question of the popularity of streaming video. More viewers around the globe are tuning in to subscription platforms than conventional broadcasts. People are streaming shows and videos through OTT (Over-the-top) providers such as iFlix, Netflix, YouTube, Viaplay, and others, that they choose to see from a range of platforms around the globe.

Yet on-demand can’t fully overtake mainstream TV unless it offers all links to on-demand programming and live events, such as sports and concerts. Thankfully, all of the world’s leading OTT providers and networks are working to make their live streaming accessible in the same manner as conventional cable providers. One of the main challenges faced by cord-cutters is the ease of watching live content that was readily available with cable providers such as Spectrum TV, which promises real-time live display for all sports lovers.


Netflix is the main video streaming service. It features an incredible range of material at all times, with fresh titles traded weekly for older ones. Then there’s Netflix’s continually increasing catalog of prime original content, which always outperforms any other subscription provider.

The impressive catalog of Netflix includes shows like Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, Bojack Horseman, Mindhunters, Stranger Things, Russian Doll, The OA, The Crown, The Witcher, Unbelievable, and The Umbrella Academy. Sadly, it has lost a few most famous shows like Friends and The Office.

In addition to its production, such as The Irishman & El Camino, Netflix currently also provides the highest quality content of any streaming service, overshadowing rivals including Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Hulu. It is among the very few providers that allow both offline and 4 K video downloads. And yes, if you are looking for the latest content, DVD mailing service is still there, however, streaming is its main agenda.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides a great collection of news channels, sports, and numerous popular entertainment opportunities. Some of the best available networks include AMC, ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox, ESPN, NBC, and others. It now includes channels from ViacomCBS, Discovery and local PBS networks.

its catalog of more than seventy channels still does not fulfill your desires, you may add additional services to your subscription, such as Showtime, Starz, and NBA League Pass. You get limitless DVR cloud storage with YouTube Video. The app will hold your saved content for up to 9 months and you will be able to access from anywhere within the United States. One membership is accessible for up to 6 accounts, and you may give credentials to friends, however, only 3 accounts can be streamed at a time.

YouTube TV applications seem to work perfectly across a range of devices and work best with Amazon Fire TV as well. The strong search capabilities and good streaming efficiency make it one of the best cable substitution services for general audiences. Make sure you have access to the facility at your place.


Hulu impresses with its vast range of streaming services, becoming one of the top solutions for cord-cutters. Hulu gives a sturdy live TV alternative (having 60 + sports, entertainment, news channels), in addition to a strong library of classic shows and a good selection of movies.

Hulu’s new update takes operation to the digital era. Interfaces are often standardized across channels, showcasing sleek control menus and media-first aesthetics. All of the applications work without suffering from any performance problems. Recently, Hulu also introduced the capacity of paid users to import material for offline streaming. While it was introduced on App Store, it is now being rolled out to Play Store as well.

Users can download up to 25 shows through 5 devices; updates are accessible for up to a month or 2 days after the start of playback. Note that all shows are not supported but originals are mostly supported.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has two choices for viewing the video content: a stand-alone Amazon Video rental, or an Amazon Prime membership. Recently Amazon’s priority has been on curating initial high-quality series. It also consists of several famous streaming films, at no extra charge.

Consumers do have the flexibility to buy or borrow TV shows and movies, equivalent to Google’s Play Movies and TV shows, iTunes, Microsoft store’s as well. It interestingly allows 4 K and HDR video, and wireless access. Amazon’s streaming content runs on a mobile server, iOS and Android, game systems (Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii), portable machines, set-top boxes (4 K Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Nvidia, and TiVo), and smart TVs, but Chromecast is not assisted

Wrapping Up,

With a lot of options available out there for live-streaming, we have seen an increasing trend in cord-cutting more than ever before. We have mentioned some of the most popular streaming services if you’re also looking to cut the cord and watch the newest original content on-demand.

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