The One-Stop Relocation Platform – HappyLocate

The One-Stop Relocation Platform - HappyLocate 1

HappyLocate, based in Bengaluru is India’s first and the only platform for corporate relocation services. Over the years, the company has earned great expertise in managing employee relocations seamlessly.

Upon taking a look at the quality of packing and moving services offered a few years back, we realized there were several issues. A lot of consumers were falling prey to fake businesses and packers and movers who used to vanish with the goods and never return.

Due to this, corporates were suffering significant loss of money, manpower, and time.

As per a survey, around 8,000 crores worth of goods were either lost or damaged in transit every year. So, the numbers clearly indicate how big the problem was.

Not only this, there were other challenges too.

We spoke to Mr. Sainadh Duvvuru, the co-founder and CBO at HappyLocate to express his views on the same. He said, “Talking about the corporates, whenever they need relocation services, they ask their employees to go through multiple packers and movers and find the best one. So, the employees search for these people, spend a lot of time, and often land up with fake packers and movers that they have found online or through other means.”

So, what does this result in? It leads to “damages”, “bad experiences”, and ultimately reduces the productivity of the employees.

While talking more about this, he expressed whenever a person is relocating to a new city, but his/her goods do not arrive on time, it creates a major problem. The person has to suffer due to the delays; he/she has to spend an additional amount of money for buying the essentials, and more which can result in a significant loss in the productivity of the person. However, HappyLocate is here to solve this for the corporates.

Current Scenario

Since its inception, HappyLocate has serviced more than 15,000 pin codes in the country for employees and commercial spaces.

Customer experience is their “top-most priority” and the company has a “zero tolerance” policy towards this. This is why they have a customer satisfaction rate of 4.7/ 5.0 and an average damage-free relocation rate at 96% that are significantly higher than the industry average of 2.5/ 5.0 with the average damage-free relocation rate at 63%.

Not only this, but they believe their service partners should also enjoy a good experience so that they remain committed and dedicated to their work throughout the relocation process.

Last but not the least, Mr. Duvvuru pointed out that HappyLocate shows great care for its employees. They have a policy that the employees should be satisfied to the core because only then they will be motivated to think “Out of the box” and “Innovate” for the benefit of the customers.

Currently, HappyLocate has a strength of 30% of employees and have recorded a growth of 300% from the last three years.

The company has an amazing support team who are very co-operative in solving the queries and complaints of the customers in a dignified manner. The executives are very prompt in responding to the customers and are just a call away whenever their help is required.

With their extensive experience in offering relocation services to corporates, the company has already served some of the world-famous brands such as Coca-cola, ITC Infotech, Airbus, SPAR, Quickheal, Britannia, United Breweries and have earned national and international repute for their services.

Company USP

HappyLocate makes use of advanced technologies and bring innovative solutions that the new-age, ever-growing businesses (B2B) demand.

Furthering their pursuit of providing innovative and dynamic solutions, HappyLocate is the one-stop platform that provides multiple services under one roof such as hotels, housing assistance, travel assistance, and more across 8 cities in India.

“Not just providing reliable Packers and Movers, we want to eliminate all the difficulties that people face while looking for a relocation service provider”, says Mr. Sainadh Duvvuru.

Also, HappyLocate has partnered with genuine and original service partners who ensure service guarantee.

Their team ensures that customers are satisfied to the end, else they won’t be rated 4.7 on Google which is undoubtedly a “big deal” in today’s competitive scenario.

Not to forget, their Enterprise solution- automates relocation request which is one technology offered by no other than HappyLocate as of now.

Future Plans

Sharing details about their future plans and upcoming technical advancements, we were told that HappyLocate is here to become the one-stop platform for all the services required before and after the relocation.

So, the AI portal of HappyLocate is in the process of improvisation to become one of the best unified relocation management platforms.

From providing reliable packers and movers, hotels, travel assistance, house assistance, loading and unloading goods, vehicle assistance, warehousing for storage of goods, carpentry services, insurance coverage, and more everything shall be booked on their platform within a few simple clicks. So, the corporates can access all things under one platform without any hassles of moving to ten different platforms and banging their head on the wall.

Using the admin dashboard, one can regularly monitor and track the ongoing relocations at their convenience. The platform will display a complete summary of all the services offered alongside their charges so that everything shall be managed seamlessly.

Commitment to Corporates

As an enterprise solution, HappyLocate ensures to provide an overall Cost Savings of 18-25% for the Corporates as well as 80% of savings in their time and efforts for managing corporate relocations.

The only thing that people need to do is two-three clicks on the system to manage the relocations. Even if there are 1000 relocations to look after, everything can be managed automatically.

About HappyLocate

Founded by Mr. Ajay Tiwari and Mr. Sainadh Duvvuru in the year 2016, HappyLocate is a one-stop relocation platform with 75+ top verified Packers and Movers and 16000+ Hotels across India and Abroad. It is an AI and ML based enterprise that helps to automate and manage the end-to-end employee relocations.

Talking about the Co-founder, Mr. Sainadh Duvvuru, he’s an alumnus of IIM-Rohtak and has worked with companies including HDFC Bank and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. On the other hand, Mr. Ajay Tiwari is an alumnus of Delhi University and has worked with corporations including Nokia and Vodafone India.

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