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The rise of smart, voice-based assistants In India

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The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, NC Naidu is now currently in the fourteen years as a CM. for the first 13 years, which were spread across the two sprints, he resorted to the time consuming approach of seeking a report from the bureaucrat’s every time he wants some of the latest updates about the particular district or the status of a welfare scheme. But since the last February, he has been simply asking the Amazon Web Services to spell out the statistics.

Voice assistants are nowadays becoming the ubiquitous in India across the connected homes and smartphones. The likes of the Alexa and its peers such as the Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby are accomplishing the wide variety of tasks which includes the hailing a cab, calling a friend, playing songs and sending a message.

At the enterprises level, voice-enabled bots are also handling some of the core functions in the areas such as the human resource management, enterprise resource planning and to support the business intelligence or to even run the banking operations. Moreover, these functions also include the generating the proactive reports, citing anomalies, and also boosting the efficiency of employees.

The vast majority of the technology majors have been running the Research and Development programme for Voice computing and are also launching the commercial products as well.

“Voice computing went mainstream in 2018, gaining more prominence among consumers and enterprises,” said Vivian Gomes, vice president and head of marketing & inside sales at CSS Corp.

“Voice assistants can be fundamentally broken down into two key technology challenges. One, converting voice to text and two, interpreting the text for the intent,” he said.

“These models of ML are computationally-intensive, especially in the training phase. Once trained, very efficient implementations are possible both at the server end and the client side,” he explained.

Udit Agarwal
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