The Risks of Dating Profile Data in Deepfake Creation

In online dating, users share a lot of personal data without realizing it, fueling the rise of deepfake technology.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
The Risks of Dating Profile Data in Deepfake Creation

In the age of online dating, where finding love is just a swipe away, users often find themselves navigating a digital minefield of personal data. From uploading selfies to sharing intimate details, the quest for romance comes with a price: unwittingly contributing to the rise of deepfake technology.

Deepfakes, those eerily realistic digital manipulations of images, videos and audio, have been gaining notoriety in recent years. But long before AI entered the scene, the seeds of this deceptive technology were sown. Now, as users pour their personal information into dating profiles and matrimonial apps, they are inadvertently providing the raw material for deepfake creators.

The consequences are scary. Deepfakes are not just for fun or politics, but these can seriously harm our identity and finances. Imagine a criminal using your voice or likeness to gain access to your bank accounts or manipulate others into transferring funds. It is not just a scary idea. It is a real danger hiding online.


Privacy policies, often buried in the fine print, reveal the extent to which our personal data is shared with third parties. Matrimonial and dating apps, like their social media counterparts, routinely trade in intimate details for purposes ranging from marketing to legal compliance. And once that data is out there, it is fair game for the algorithms behind deepfake technology.

People talk a lot about how shocking deepfakes can be, but they forget about where the data comes from. We need to understand that our online actions have consequences and ask for more honesty and responsibility from the apps we use to share our personal information.

In a world where love and deception are just a click away, the risks of dating profile data in deepfake creation demand our attention. It is time to swipe right on privacy and left on exploitation.

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