The Roadmap to become a DevOps Engineer in 2019

DevOps Engineer

Many of the amateurs are getting confused about how to become a DevOps engineer? Which tools and practices to follow and does infrastructure automation part of DevOps will help to get those expert skills? We all are aware of how hot the DevOps is at the moment.

Let us go to the roadmap process by the process to figure out how can you learn the essential skills which are required to become a DevOps expert.

To Become a DevOps Engineer:

  1. Begin by learning a Programming language

    We all are aware of the most popular main programming languages that areJava, Python or JavaSCript. Do not panic as we have provided the complete courses below to learn the language of your choice as it is highly recommended to learn any among the given. You can try variant courses available to learn these basic languages. Once, you get command over these languages, things will seem much easier.

  2. Try to understand variant OS concepts to live in the Terminal

    Earlier, it was solely the supported guys or system admin people who were responsible for knowing about OS and hardware but with the DevOps, the developers need to know about the Process Management, Sockets, Threads and Concurrency, I/O Management, Memory storage, Virtualization, and File systems. If you are thinking to work on Linux, you can try out the Linux Administration BootCamp course on Udemy to learn and understand the better working of Linux OS. It is good to have good command in the command line for any DevOps guy if he/she is working in Linux. So, it is always better to know some Linux shells like Bash or Ksh along with tools like find, grep, sed, Isof, and networking commands like nslookup and netstat.

  3. Network Security

    The days have gone where the world used to be so much isolated; today we are connected to almost everything which lets us know the importance of networking and security. You are required to know about some basic networking and security concepts like DNS, HTTPS, HTTP, OSI Model, SSL and much more in order to become a good DevOps engineer. You can have a look at TCP/IP Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros to refresh your concepts related to networking and security.

  4. Learn to Set Up DevOps infrastructure to be a DevOps Engineer

    You are required to know about the machines set up if you wish to become a DevOps champion and thinking about automation. As a DevOps engineer, you should know how to set up a Web Server like Apache, IIS or Tomcat and also know about Caching Server, Load balancer, reverse proxy, and Firewall. Learning the infrastructure and set up will help to cross the hurdle of making error-prone

    You are also expected to have knowledge about containers like Kubernetesand Docker with some configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, Salt, Puppet, Terraform and Cloud formation.

  5. Continuous Integration

    For continuous integration and delivery, setting up a pipeline is one of the important things for an engineer. You can get a variety of tools in the CI/CD area such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Drone and much more. It is highly recommended to learn Jenkins as it is a widely used and mature CI/CD tool in the market.

    Moreover, apart from setups and deployment, monitoring can be another important aspect for DevOps and that’s the reason why you should know how to learn about its infrastructure and application monitoring. You can select from a wide range of tools such as Nagios, Monit, AppDynanic, Datadog and many more depending on your company.

  6. Cloud Provider

    We all are aware of how the cloud is going to be the next big thing sooner or later. In order to utilize cloud solutions, you need to move your application to the cloud and therefore it is important fora DevOps engineer to have some data about popular cloud providers along with their basics. AWS is the clear leader in the cloud among Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure so you can opt for any cloud service provider which you want.

Summing Up The Roadmap to become a DevOps Engineer in 2019

We hope you have enjoyed the article as we have linked it up with plenty of useful resources from where you can learn off. We wish you good luck with your ultimate DevOps journey as it’s not going to be easy in the beginning but still, you are getting one step ahead to become a DevOps engineer. Keep Learning!


Written by Charles Richard

Charles Richard is a progressive leader who can identify, initiate, and deliver the analysis that can leverage the data and information needed to generate increased business value. Charles has 8 years of Business Analyst Experience, all with Java development company a part-time enthusiast writer who loves to write that matters and believes that writing is the best media to express what you want to share with the rest of the world. Prior to joining TatvaSoft, he was a programmer for about 3 years. He holds MBA and Computer Science degree.

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