The Role of Data in Process Mining

By Sunil Sonkar
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The Role of Data in Process Mining

Imagine running a business is like tending to a garden. Everyone talks about being eco-friendly, but Janina Bauer from Celonis says it is not just talk. In fact, it is a big part of every decision.


Celonis, Global Head of Sustainability at Celonis, is like a super-smart gardener. They use something called “process mining” to help businesses run smoothly. It is like shining a light on how things move around in your garden and simultaneously finding better ways to do things.

Now, the problem is, some businesses see being eco-friendly as too expensive. Plus, their information is all over the place, like seeds scattered in different pots. Celonis helps in gathering all this info and make it easier for businesses to be green.

Why should businesses care? Well, Janina says successful ones are both green and make money. In today’s world, where people want eco-friendly choices, being green is not just a department, but it is part of everything.

Janina, who loves green ideas, makes sure Celonis practices what it preaches. They are working hard to become eco-friendly and sets targets like a gardener aiming for perfect blooms.

In simple terms, being eco-friendly is not a headache. It is a chance to grow. As Janina says, being green and making money go together like flowers and sunshine. So, for businesses to be ready for the future, it is time to make being green a big part of the journey, not just a goal on paper.

And when businesses embrace being green, it is not just good for the planet. It is like giving their garden a boost, making it healthier and more beautiful. So, let us all be gardeners of the business world, making it bloom with green success.

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