The Role of HTML Developer in the IT Sphere

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The Role of HTML Developer in the IT Sphere 1

An HTML developer is a professional web designer who uses HTML, a semantic language, to create dummy websites based on templates and wireframes. HTML is a coding language that controls information structure on internet pages and web applications. Semantic language also defines how users navigate or interact with a website.


Developers also use CSS to create responsive designs. Thanks to this tool, sites work well on screens of different sizes, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

If you want to create a website for your business, business, and more, you need to hire html programmer to develop an internet page for you and ensure its effective functioning. Choosing a specialist is an essential and responsible process. 

You should select an employee on trusted portals that check the proposed candidates and give clients the necessary guarantees. Huntly is a high-quality and proven platform that carefully selects specialists.

Functionality and Tasks of an HTML Developer

Such programmers are responsible for the complete end-to-end copying of sites. Specialists have the following responsibilities:

  • manage projects;
  • develop web applications;
  • encode internet pages;
  • provide support to website users.

Web development is divided into front-end and back-end. The direction indicates precisely what the HTML specialist does. Front-end programmers deal with HTML, CSS, and layouts. Back-end development consists of programming the functions that make a website or application work. Specialists can perform both tasks.

Modern HTML is not limited to websites. This coding method is also used to create native mobile applications. Although the programming language is strictly intended to describe layouts, modern realities make it more flexible and multifunctional.

As a rule, employees take on the following tasks as part of working on an IT project:

  • creating high-quality files based on modern HTML5 and W3C standards;
  • using CSS to create web applications or layouts that match the designer’s vision at different screen resolutions;
  • using ARIA and other language attributes to generate web pages that support accessibility;
  • using the W3C Markup Validation Service with the CSS Validation Service ensures that all layouts conform to generally accepted standards.

HTML developers have many responsibilities. Thanks to such specialists, we have modern websites and applications for smartphones. They use many different tools to obtain a modern, high-quality product that will have an attractive and functional visual appearance regardless of the client’s device.

Requirements for an IT Specialist

At the initial stages, a programmer must have certain skills. Such knowledge and skills will help the specialist do the job efficiently. The skill set includes:

  • sufficient knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3;
  • knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, web-API, and other similar interface technologies;
  • experience in using tools and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Semantic UI);
  • understanding of SQL, ASP, ASP.NET;
  • familiarity with CSS processors: Sass, Less;
  • experience with the WordPress platform;
  • familiarity with Photoshop and other programs used for image editing.

As a rule, specialized IT specialists know related fields. A striking example is JavaScript, which allows you to create advanced functions and user interactivity. However, not all HTML programmers know JavaScript, even though many interactive elements are created with its help.

Constant improvement and training in new elements, tools, and programs allow HTML programmers to expand the range of their services and create more modern products. For example, knowledge of JavaScript will help you make more interactive and dynamic pages in different styles.

The developer’s experience influences the complexity of the tasks he can perform. For example, Junior developers can turn simple template files into web pages. Middle and Senior developers can create advanced website interfaces that have many animations and transition effects or work like native applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Profession

HTML developers are popular and in demand in the modern digital world, where almost no company (big or small) can do without a website. Among the main advantages of this profession are:

  • creative work, since each task is unique and you can show your skills;
  • possibility of combining with studies;
  • a diploma is not always required;
  • you can become a specialist at a young age;
  • free to make decisions;
  • the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world;
  • huge customer potential (you will be able to collaborate with different people from all over the world).

HTML development is one of the most promising industries at the moment. You can have a high income and be open to professional development. A specialist always has room to grow due to the emergence of new trends, technologies, and solutions.

Constant development and training will allow you to remain in demand as a developer and receive regular orders. This work is highly paid, so the time spent gaining knowledge will not be in vain.

There are also disadvantages to being an HTML developer. The main disadvantages include:

  • irregular working hours;
  • sedentary work;
  • heavy load on vision;
  • constant training.

Working as an HTML developer, you receive an order and deadlines for its delivery. You need to independently allocate time to complete the task so that everything is completed on time. Therefore, it is necessary to be disciplined, especially in remote working conditions. However, given the disadvantages of working as an HTML developer, it can be noted that many professions have similar features.

Final Thoughts

HTML development is a modern and quite in-demand profession. The modern digital world has defined trends in which the internet plays a vital role in every person’s life. People use the internet for entertainment, education, business promotion, finding clients, getting the latest news, and more.

We read the news and find helpful information on the internet. There are many web pages and sites on the World Wide Web, and HTML developers are engaged in creating such sites. The number of websites is constantly increasing, and the demand for obtaining information online is continually growing. Therefore, web and mobile application development specialists are in great demand today.

HTML development is a profession that you do not have to study for many years at university. You can gain basic knowledge and start receiving orders, while simultaneously developing a range of skills and improving your skills.

Even a small enterprise, business, or individual entrepreneur must bring their business to the internet. Everyone is trying to create a website where they will offer their services, publish helpful information, increase the number of clients, and take their business to a new level. In this case, choosing a quality specialist to make your wishes come true is essential.

The Huntly online platform carefully collects specialists whose services you can receive. Employees check each applicant’s professionalism, so clients can be sure they will receive high-quality service.

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