The role of scheduling software in delivering high-quality cleaning services

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Business with Scheduling Software in 2020

Customer experience in the cleaning industry is beyond how clean the resulting room is. Service delivery, quality of the cleaning chemicals, the behavior of the field service technicians, and many other factors impact cleaning service quality.


Effective scheduling is key to ensuring your workers provide the best possible cleaning service delivery. In this article, we explore how scheduling impacts cleaning service quality and how to improve it for increased customer satisfaction.

How scheduling impacts cleaning service quality?

Better scheduling results in more efficient cleaning business operations, and your team can focus on customer satisfaction. Here’s how it impacts service delivery quality:

  1. Prompt servicing: customers usually require cleaning done before an important date. A delay in assigning a field service technician before that can cause an increase in support calls from anxious customers and break trust in delivering on time.
  2. Managing priority of tasks: some cleaning jobs are urgent and require immediate attention. While regular clients deserve priority to maintain business relations. Your cleaning business can potentially charge extra for priority support. Scheduling such jobs first means better business growth and retention.
  3. Distributing jobs: scheduling involves task allocation, and improper assignment can cause service disruption. Manual scheduling also results in wrong resource allocation, causing customer and worker dissatisfaction.
  4. Customer service: scheduling cleaning jobs involves many cancellations and reschedule requests. Inefficient scheduling means angry customers awaiting requests for approvals, refunds, or lack of attention.
  5. Data for job updates: scheduling provides the necessary data to share with customers about field service technicians’ backgrounds, real-time locations, etc. This improves the customer experience, but it is not possible to provide this in manual scheduling.

How scheduling software improves field cleaning service scheduling efficiency?

By improving scheduling operations in a cleaning business, one ends up increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Here are five ways in which scheduling software manages this feat:

Automated scheduling of cleaning jobs

Kickstarting a cleaning job process for a customer requires allocating resources like equipment, cleaning chemicals, tools, etc, and a skilled worker. A scheduling software finds relevant cleaners with the skills, experience, and proximity to the job location and assigns them the job. It will automatically share the job information, location, and other details to ensure the worker can complete the job.

This removes manual intervention and errors caused due to it, improving cleaning service efficiency. Your workers do not need to call or come to the office to get the cleaning job details, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Reduced service interruptions

In the event of a cleaning worker not being available due to any reason, scheduling software automatically assigns the job to the next suitable field service technician. It is also possible to manage any emergency troubleshooting with the software’s remote monitoring features. A manager can remotely look into the matter and suggest troubleshooting instructions.

Such practices increase first-time fix rates, thus saving resources and your customer’s time.

Increased workforce productivity

Automation of scheduling tasks also means making scheduling-related information readily available. Zuper, a field service management software includes mobile app access which enables workers to access job data in real-time. With instant updates about reschedules, route changes, or job information changes, one can take action instantly to save time.

Real-time communication

Scheduling software helps share updates with workers and customers in real time. For example, once the software schedules the job and assigns a relevant field service worker, it will notify the customer. It will share the worker’s profile, past customer feedback, their real-time location, and job progress.

It helps reduce any need for customers to call customer support to clear any ambiguity about the service offered. Any rescheduled requests or additional job information is also sharable instantly to the worker.

Better service transparency

It is possible sometimes a customer may raise a dispute regarding the service delivered. Scheduling software helps track the complete job progress – from task allocation to customer feedback. It is possible to provide reports, analyses, or necessary proof for any customer concern or audit requests.

Improve your cleaning service quality and delivery with scheduling software

Scheduling is a major operational challenge that is easy to overcome via automation. Zuper is a field service management software with an intelligent scheduling feature that can streamline operations for the cleaning industry. Book a demo today and our team will help you understand how to get started with scheduling automation.

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