The Role of Technical skills in Working Space

The Role of Technical skills in Working Space 1
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The working space today is not a cake walk. If your employees are good at their respective tasks, it does not mean that is enough. They have to be god at some general things too. They should have good amount of knowledge about different things that are prevalent in the present time.

Technical zone is a zone that is no longer limited to technical department. Even if a person is working in another department in an organization, he should have at least basic information about technical concepts. You never know when your employee has to deal with a situation that is not his or her core area. This is the reason that you should make sure that your employees have technical competence. You can use a Technical test to assess the proficiency and affectivity of your candidates in the realm of technical domain.

One thing that many of you hear from the time you are in grade school is the significance of continuous learning. Every day, in every zone of your lives, it is absolutely essential to gain all the knowledge you can about the world around you. Itis mainly true during the time of life in which you are launching and building your profession. But what about people who have already attained a level of success in their professional zonessuch as department heads, managers and supervisors?  Well, it is never too late to have employees who have the skills that your organization might get help from. If your managers are good but they can be better; you should ensure that they become better. After all, when your employees improve, your organization also takes a step towards growth.

What do you mean by technical skills?

Before you get too far into the discussion of why people at working place, especially managers should stretch their technical skills, you should know what these technical skills really are. As per the experts, there are three kinds of skills that every employee mainly manager should possess: technical skills, conceptual skills and human skills talking about technical skill, it is defined as a learned capability in just about any given profession of work, study, or even enjoyment. Once your employees have technical skills, they would find their tasks much easier than usual. Of course, once a person has understanding of technical concepts, he or she would never find themselves stuck in any area because of its technicality.

If you think that only the employees from the technical backgrounds need to work on their technical sills then you are wrong. Today every employee should know about technical skills. They should have an idea about the technicalities that prevail in the working system. What is the point if you lose a project because of the technical aspect of something? As an example, suppose you have a manager and he takes care of many tasks. One day there is a client and he asks about the specific functioning of a general machine running in the organization; now it would look really under average that the manager says he would get back to him after consulting the technical team. Come on, sometimes one has to give answers right there and then. They cannot wait to consult the other departments and then get back to the client. Now, fit eh manager would have some sort of technical information, he would have told about the general things and hence saved the reputation of the organization. Of course, for the details of the technical thing, the technical department can be consulted but for the general information, a manager cannot be expected to irritate the technical department. It is like you have some notes and you have to count but instead of counting it yourself, you give it to a person working in the accounts department. Such things not just lower down the affectivity of the business but also lessen the proficiency of the work place. Moreover, the time also gets wasted extensively.

You cannot measure the technical skills

It is true that you can know about the overall behavior or tamper of the person through an interview, but you cannot know about their technical calibre through an interview. You have to possess a tool to ensure that you get to know about the technical capacity of the candidate. Once you have a technical ability test in your recruitment program, you would not have to do anything. The test would measure the all the candidates sitting in the recruitment drive and give you an exact and clear picture. Of course these tests are specifically made for the recruitment purposes. Generally the pre-recruitment tests are not core at all. These tests are general and reasonable. They would simply measure the technical soundness of the candidates. If you feel that a candidate is appearing for the accounts job but he is getting assessed on technical skills then you are wrong.   You know what these tests are really mild and simply check the basic technical calibre of the candidate. So, no matter a candidate is there for accounts, It, HR or any other department; there is need of basic technical calibre.

Cost effective tests

These tests are cost effective and can be used easily. If you feel that you would add up an additional financial burden by employing a technical test then you are wrong. These tests are absolutely friendly and effective and most importantly within budget. Even if you are using a test in every recruitment program, it would not be any issue. Of course, the test would be as useful as it was in the previous recruitment program. After all, it is all about spending a small amount on the test only once and you can use the test for many recruitment programs that would be conducted in the future.You can use the test both during the time of recruitment or at the time of promotion too.

Thus, having a technical ability test in your recruitment program would be an asset for your organization.

Written by nick clair

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