The role played by Artificial Intelligence in social sector

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Artificial intelligence is already impacting our lives. And the use of AI for social functioning is on an all-time high. Be it getting riding directions through our smartphone or getting daily reminders by using our health system to extend our workouts; all these are manifestations of how artificial talent is altering the way we function. What is often much less understood is the vast function synthetic brain can play in the social sector.


The Artificial Intelligence for social good can probably assist in solving some of the country’s most pressing problems. As a count number of facts, it can contribute in some way or every other to tackling and addressing all of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, supporting large sections of the populace in both growing and developed countries. AI is already helping in several real-life situations, from assisting blind humans in navigating and diagnosing cancer to identify sexual harassment victims and helping with catastrophe relief. Let us take a look briefly at integral social domains where AI can be carried out effectively.

Artificial Intelligence in social-good projects

Crisis response – Rainier Mallol, a Dominic Republic scientist, was once successfully able to predict dengue outbreaks three months in strengthening with up to eighty-one percentage accuracy after feeding statistics of previous outbreaks to an AI algorithm. This profitable harnessing of big records to predict deadly ailments can remarkably alternate the way we tackle epidemics. There is a quantity of disaster specific challenges, such as relief response to human-made and natural disasters, in particular, rescue missions and disorder outbreaks.

AI can be utilized on satellite information to predict wildfire progressions and optimize the management response. AI can be vital in conjunction with drones to search for missing humans in the wilderness. Thus, we see the importance of artificial intelligence for social good.

Precision agriculture – AI can assist farmers in analyzing a range of factors, such as temperature, climate conditions, water usage, and soil conditions, in real-time. It can also be used to optimize planning and generate an extra bountiful yield by finding out the helpful crop preferences and the most most suitable way to make use of resources. AI has been effectively deployed to realize crop damage with the help of low-attitude sensors, from drones to smartphones, to increase the crop yield of small farms. 

With global warming, climate change, and water air pollution on the rise, we could come face to face with a harsh future. Food shortages are something we don’t want to add to the list. Thankfully, one startup is already working challenging on the usage of AI for a top in this regard.

Imago AI is an India-based ag-tech startup that targets to use AI to extend crop yields and minimize food waste. They hope that this technology can assist feed the world’s growing population with the aid of optimizing agricultural methods.

The enterprise combines machine mastering and pc imaginative and prescient to automate tedious tasks like measuring crop best and weighing yields. It won’t just pace up the process. However, it will also assist farmers in becoming aware of flora that has diseases.

TechCrunch reports that 40% of the world’s plants are lost to disease, so the work from Imago AI ought to be a significant leap forward for agriculture, especially in poorer countries.

Educational challenges – AI can be useful in maximizing the achievement of college students and the productivity of teachers. Adaptive instructing technologies can be used to propose content material and guides to college students, primarily based on their engagement and fruitful interaction with past publications and material.

Environmental challenges – To sustain and preserve biodiversity and combat climate change, air pollution, and the degradation of herbal resources. Rainforest Connection, a non-profit organization, positioned in the Bay Area, makes use of AI equipment like TensorFlow to preserve fragile rainforest ecosystems around the globe. By examining the audio-sensor information in prone areas, we can effectively become aware of and forestall unlawful logging activity.

AI can also be deployed to catch poachers and illegal hunting of wild animals. The drones deployed will transmit videos and still images using radio waves to a computer where it will be analyzed by the experts to locate the exact whereabouts of poachers. Thus, AI-powered image classification and object detection can prove useful in combating the illegal wildlife trade, worth $ 8 billion to $ 10 billion every year. 

Inclusiveness and equality – This would appear like a far-fetched connection; however, AI-based technological know-how additionally has the attainable to improve social inclusiveness and combat discriminatory tendencies using the usage of and inspecting big data.

An appropriate case learns about is Affectiva, a combined effort through the media lab at MIT and the Autism Glass Project that uses AI to automate emotion attention and furnish beneficial social cues to help people at elite levels of the autism spectrum to interact higher in social settings. Addressing challenges associated with inclusiveness, equality, and self-determination are some of the most pertinent issues in this domain. These consist of decreasing bias based on religion, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, and citizenship.

Healthcare– Early analysis of ailments is another region the place AI can assist for the better. Scientists at Stanford University, as well as the University of Heidelberg, have created an AI-based gadget for detecting diseases. They located that AI-based photo processing software program used to be able to scan snapshots of lesions and decide whether they have been cancerous greater efficiently than expert dermatologists. By interpreting the heart charge sensor data, wearable devices with AI-powered software programs can become aware of humans inclined to diabetes with up to 85 per cent accuracy. If it somehow turned affordable, they can help over 400 million human beings worldwide. 

Image result for artificial intelligence in healthcare"

Would you believe a robot to pull out your teeth? The idea of a robotic dentist indeed looks like something from a movie. However, the concept is no longer as far-fetched these days.

In addition to enhancing drug manufacturing and improving hypersensitivity and sickness detection, the healthcare sector is diving head-first into the future with robot surgeons. For years, scientific groups have been using robotic equipment for minor procedures, however now they are handing complete control over to artificial intelligence.

The market chief is Intuitive Surgical, an American organization that is properly-known for its da Vinci robot-assisted surgical procedure system. In 2018, over 5,000 surgical robots like these had been employed around the world, completing over one million surgical processes, which include neurology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, urology, dental work, and hair transplants. Evidence suggests that this robot medical practitioner can sew wounds with higher accuracy than any human, and even eliminate tumours with extra care, inflicting much less damage to surrounding tissue.

That evidence has no longer go unnoticed. Accenture estimates that funding in this region will surge toward $6.6 billion by 2021.

It may additionally be another few years earlier than your local GP is a robot. However, it makes use of AI in healthcare seems to be already changing our world for the better.

Information validation – With the fake news disease developing direr using the day, we want systems to facilitate provision and validation of reliable, useful, and valuable information to the masses. We want to focal point on counteracting or filtering distorted and misleading content, consisting of false facts peddled on social media, internet, and messaging applications. Offensive and profane content material can have terrible consequences, from the manipulation of election results to mob lynchings. AI can contribute to this area by presenting counteractive views to the ideologically insulated pockets across social media platforms.

Infrastructure management – AI can also assist with infrastructure challenges and promote the public suitable in the energy sector, waste and water management, real estate, city planning, and transportation. For instance, site visitors’ light control structures can be optimized with the assist of real-time footage and IoT sensors to maximize the passage of motors via crowded areas. AI systems can be used to time table renovation of public transport systems, from trains to public infrastructure, and to look for malfunctioning components.

Image result for artificial intelligence in infrastructure management"

These are simply a few areas in which AI can help tackle essential challenges. While the doable for its use is immense, scaling it up will want focus, funding, and concerted efforts from the distinct stakeholders to work for the advantage of humanity.

The monstrous achievable of these applied sciences is nevertheless being discovered. For every person who wants to begin a profession in AI, laptop learning, or data science, you may additionally be pleasantly amazed to study you can do a lot extra than analyze purchaser behaviours and company income margins.

Artificial Intelligence social impact

Here are a few examples of how our world is using AI for desirable today.

Water Management

As a giant vicinity with hot, dry summers, Southern California wishes to take water use seriously. Recent years have brought lengthy droughts, which can motive havoc for residents.

When the Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD) used to be watching for the worst drought in 500 years, the district grew to become to DataKind. This enterprise focuses on the use of “data science in the carrier of humanity.”

DataKind accumulated go with the flow information from the microzone level, as nicely as statistics on water usage, weather, and the population, to boost a forecasting model. This statistics infrastructure allowed MNWD to accurately predict water demand, which helped save the district around $5 million that would, in any other case, have been invested in capital storage and importing potable water. Thus, we see here how DATAKIND used artificial intelligence for social good.

Global Warming

AI for Earth

Bill Gates has been one advocate of environmental action for many years. Hence, it comes to an as little surprise to see Microsoft is investing heavily in the usage of AI for social accurate and sustainability. The organization that Gates based has spent over $50 million on its AI for Earth program, which creates and tests revolutionary AI applications.

Climate trade is an ongoing challenge, especially when herbal disasters ravage our jungles and forests, “the lungs of our planet.”

Whenever the distribution of extraordinary tree species is impacted, vegetation decomposition charges trade, and greater CO2 enters our atmosphere. Over time, bushes will develop again smaller, and new storms will exacerbate the cycle, ensuing in a CO2-heavy environment. It speeds up world warming.

Image result for artificial intelligence in global warming"

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the Artificial Intelligence for Earth software awarded a grant to Maria Uriarte, an ecology professor from Columbia University. Uriarte’s group protected an information professor, and together with their Microsoft grant, they set out to Puerto Rico to find out about the impact of the storm on the El Yunque National Forest.

By using AI and facts science, they can analyze how trees have been disrupted in the forest. Without AI, such a find out about wouldn’t be possible. If we can increase a higher perception of how our forests exchange in the wake of hurricanes, we can look for solutions to combat local weather change.

Renewable Energy

Wind energy

The statement has come that “data is the new oil.” It’s because we’re burning through our oil highly fast and may additionally not have any left in the next 50 years. So, how can sustainability and AI come together to assist us in strengthening our renewable power sources? two

As a carbon-free shape of electricity, wind strength is on the rise. It’s getting cheaper, and it is progressively being embraced. The one sticking point, however, is the uncertain nature of the wind. Without a source of wind, it’s hard to run a turbine consistently at the level a town would demand.

Google has sought to locate the reply to this trouble by way of teaming up with DeepMind. Together, they conducted trying out of machine studying algorithms on 700 megawatts of wind energy capacity; Google claimed the technology added 20% to the value of the wind power.

This massive acquire has been made possible utilizing a neural community that involves turbine statistics and climate forecasts. The DeepMind AI gadget can use this data to precisely predict the output up to 36 hours earlier than the wind energy desires to be generated. This machine can help the world optimize its electrical energy use on large power grids, correctly conserving energy in the long run.



If you’ve ever experienced an earthquake, you’ll recognize how horrifying it can be. Typically, we only sense quakes that attain 2.5 on the Richter scale. However, hundreds occur every day except us knowing.

In the previous decade, significant quakes in Haiti, Japan, and New Zealand totalled entire cities and claimed lots of human lives. Without sufficient techniques of predicting occasions or getting ready for significant earthquakes or aftershocks, there used to be no time for humans to get to safety.

Now, as artificial talent and big data have emerged as greater sophisticated, we have each the technological know-how and the integral data scientists to find out about earthquakes at a deeper level.

Thibaut Petrol is an in-depth gaining knowledge of scientist who is leading an AI assignment referred to as ConvNetQuake. This gadget utilizes a computer mastering algorithm that analyzes seismograms to decide whether the seismic pastime is an earthquake or low-level of noise.

Testing in Oklahoma was a huge success, with 17 instances as many earthquakes detected compared to standard measures. It makes ConvNetQuake the first neural community in the world that can observe earthquakes, even low-level ones that traditional practices fail to tackle.

With more substantial funding and development, it may additionally be possible that the world will have a reliable AI machine that can warn us of significant quakes, which may want to retailer heaps of lives.

Poaching and Illegal Fishing


Few of the world’s animals are on the verge of extinction because of poaching, with around 100 elephants killed each day for ivory, meat, and physique parts. Tigers and rhinos are also under severe threat, as poachers relentlessly hunt these endangered species for their horns or fur.

Conservation businesses face a massive mission in patrolling vast natural reserves. Equipped with limited resources, their personnel are struggling with a losing battle. However, help may be on the horizon.

Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security, higher regarded as PAWS, is an AI-led system that assesses information about previous patrols and poaching incidents, then generates logical patrol routes for conservation organizations to scout. Once the patrol units whole the way, they can feed more information back into PAWS, such as:

  • Locations of snares and traps
  • Sightings of prone animals
  • Areas, where animal stays, had been found.
  • Signs of poaching incidents, like damaged fences or bullet casings

Like any good computer getting to know the system, PAWS will get “smarter” as it collects more data, and quickly enough, it will recognize the behaviour pattern of poachers in the area. Through predictive analytics, patrol units will be able to discover available areas where poachers will strike next.

Initial checking out in Africa has shown early promise in locating human beings and animals, with PAWS outperforming all patrol gadgets that had no AI assistance.

AI has also been used to shield endangered species in our oceans, as the Global Fishing Watch program pairs computing device learning and statistics insights to pick out the unlawful fishing incidents. Indonesia has taken a firm stand on this, with their social justice warriors the use of statistics science findings from Global Fishing Watch to sink over 350 boats that belonged to guilty parties.

AI for social good, India

In the past decade, artificial talent has scaled into every possible field. Former Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka, who introduced his startup Vianai Systems a few months ago, these days stated, “Over the subsequent 20 to 25 years, AI is going to be ‘a very, very huge disruptor’ for Indian society due to the fact what one is seeing now in terms of computerization and job losses due to automation is just the beginning.”

In the past five years, AI has taken an enormous bounce in imparting multiple options and data. Be it facial cognizance on high-end phones, or healthcare places, it aids docs to analyze complex scientific data to diagnose patients. Artificial Intelligence AI’s profound limbs have now reached social sectors too. Entrepreneurs with grave expertise in AI have come up with mind-blowing solutions to tackle problems in agriculture, sanitation, smooth consuming water, and different socially relevant issues.

The wide variety of startups in the subject of AI-based options has additionally skyrocketed. According to an information report, a study with the aid of massive tech Accenture noted that AI has the attainable to add $957 billion, or 15 per cent of present-day gross cost added, to India’s financial system using 2035. Thus, AI for good social projects can be a boon.

Here are a few startups that are promoting AI for social good in India:

Blue Sky Analytics 

Climate change is a reason for the subject the world over. Over the years, with the increase in industries and excessive air pollution across cities, international warming has led to a massive meltdown of polar caps. 

However, startups like Blue Sky Analytics, a Gurugram-based space tech startup, cofounded through Abhilasha Purwar and Kshitij Purwar, is offering high-resolution and high-frequency environmental facts to international stakeholders using its in-house proprietary AI-enabled solutions. 

Abhilasha Purwar, along with her group of Blue Sky Analytics, is a geospatial information talent startup, leveraging satellite tv for pc data with IoT to provide accessibly, excessive-resolution, excessive frequency and close to real-time data. 

The startup is on a mission to fight the menace of air pollution and enable knowledgeable decision making. Can you consider satellites orbiting four hundred miles above the Earth’s surface ship data that can be used to screen particles that are less than 1/10th the width of human hair Blue Sky Analytics presents its customers contextualized exceptional air information, real-time air pleasant data with next three-day predictions, long time sequence historical information (five years), evaluating air fine of more than one stations, user engagement using gamification, news aggregator, etc.? 


Image result for Niramai"

One out of every two girls identified with breast cancer in India succumbs to the Big C. Only 3 per cent of the female have everyday breast fitness check-ups in the absence of a non-invasive approach of examination. 

To tackle this, NIRAMAI, or Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Intelligence, a Bengaluru-based deep tech startup, is providing solutions to deal with breast cancers the use of AI. Founded through Geetha Manjunatha (CEO and CTO) and Nidhi Mathur (COO), the answer Thermalytix is a portable, non-invasive, radiation-free, and non-contact answer for early-stage detection of breast cancer. It is safe, non-touch, radiation-free, and low-cost.

The team at Niramai desired to exchange the technique of girls going for a take a look at solely when they, by accident, discover a lump. Also, Read How deep studying could trap breast cancers that mammograms omit. It helps become aware of tumours that are five times smaller than what a scientific examination can detect. Besides, girls of all ages can undergo screening besides negative results. 

Intello Labs 

The role played by Artificial Intelligence in social sector 1

Agriculture is one of the most critical sectors in India, fuelling the economy, and it bills for 18 of India’s GDP. Further, it is accountable for using almost 50 per cent of the country’s workforce. It’s essential to tackle the problems confronted by way of farmers in this sector. Startups like Intello Labs have focused their AI centre of attention on addressing grave agricultural issues. 

Founded using Milan Sharma (CEO and co-founder) in 2016, the agri-tech startup is supplying AI-based solutions like detecting an image, grading, analyzing, and testing Agri commodities. Now, the Gurugram-based Logitech startup gives services like checking out and grading of wheat, corn, tomato, soybean, potato, and onions. So how does the app function? The person can upload a sample of the commodity by way of clicking pictures of the product chosen. Once done, the photo taken goes to the cloud the place an algorithm with the aid of Intello Labs works on it, and the outcomes are despatched to the user’s cell with grades and different excellent check-points.

Marut Drones 

Image result for marut drones logo"

Founded by Prem Kumar Vislawath, MARUT Drones has constructed India’s first drone to eradicate Hyacinths and Mosquitoes on Lakes. Also, the AI-enabled startup in T-Hub and mentored by way of RICH, IICT, and IIIT Hyderabad. We have been chosen to Facebook India Innovate Accelerator and received Nidhi Prayas Grant from IIIT Hyderabad. 

MARUT drones utilize drones to dispense repellent over lakes lost to infestation. Marut Drones is a first of its variety AI drones used to eradicate mosquitoes and water hyacinth, from lakes misplaced to the outbreak. Real-time reports and predictive analytics are used to handle mosquito eradication and water hyacinths, an entirely new level. Prioritize areas based totally on mosquito density and species. Report the time and place of genuine intervention. Analytics to display the effectiveness of interventions and Recommendations on the manipulate techniques based totally on mosquito densities. 

The GHMC partnered with Hyderabad Drone science employer MARUT Drones, for a mosquito eradication solution. 

It has also come up with an AI-based mechanism that has accomplished a 60% discount in the mosquito populace in the region where drones used. The initiative was once a success with the residents around the area, noticing a difference immediately. 

Though bio enzymes, too, were sprayed the use of drones to reduce the water hyacinth spread, the consequences were only 20% of the expectations. The mosquito larval density has come down from forty-one per spoon (approximately 40 ml) of water to 28, while grownup mosquitoes have faded to sixteen from 26 in merely two days. 

Leverage Edu 

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Founded by using Akshay Chaturvedi (CEO), Leverage Edu assists students with mentoring along with guiding college admissions to experts and excessive schoolers. This Delhi-based startup uses AI to help students in suiting the right programs at the right colleges and connects them to pinnacle experts. Discussing on the tech, Akshay had explained previously, “Once a father or mother sees how BYJU’s has helped a pupil with K-12 education, their self-belief in an on-line platform will increase, and they would trust similar platforms. It is no longer an opposition – two one-of-a-kind gamers are solving the problems for nowadays and a day after today separately. We add fee as you pass ahead in your career.”

Moreover, the platform claims that it brings collectively extra than 1,200 mentors from universities like Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, etc., with work experience in agencies like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, etc. The app has an AI device that makes use of defined goals and subjective parameters to inform the consumer what program or what profession fits him or her best. If needed, it can also identify appropriate mentors according to the users.

AI for good social conferences

Image result for ai for social good conference"

In the wake of the humanitarian crisis that’s ongoing throughout the world from global pollution to hunger deaths, multiple conferences are being held globally to tackle the issues using AI. One such attempt to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, “AI for Good Global Summit 2020” will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. The aim is to bring together brightest and influential people at one stage from here they can guide us in exploring broader horizons of AI for social good in the near term. Thus, artificial intelligence and social change should go hand in hand. 

In 2019, 80 sessions of the same were held across 100plus countries with the help of 37 UN partners. Not only these sessions helped in identifying practical applications of AI to scale solutions for global impact but also, it saw 40% women speakers. Thus, promoting gender equality and women empowerment.

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