The self-driven feature in Tesla got reported for car crash


One of the best electronic car manufacturer company Tesla who is going to give fully automated car in this year.

Elon Musk the Chief Executive Officer tweeted on Sunday that the company is soon going to reveal its fully automated software in cars to enable self- driving feature in late summer “. The tweet came after the release of a report by U.S National Transportation Safety Board that there are cases being reported against Model X for dangerous car accident of fully automated cars in March.

Elon Musk also added that Tesla is 9th version have a new software  which only available for Tesla vehicles which had Autopilot 2.0 mode that vehicles that are made after October in the year 2016 have this inbuilt  Hardware 2 claiming  that this feature will give the comfort of self- driving and will be capable to enhance the future  of innovation in the area of self- driving.

What is self- driving feature by Elon  Musk actually means is unknown. Ubergizmo stated that according to this feature Tesla cars can easily be turned into a fully- automated vehicle and this is done as per the classy marketing strategy.

On the other side cases of car crashing are coming in Mountain View. California in 2016  a driver had fatal car crash when he was driving Tesla Model S and put the car on Autopilot mode. When the accident happened the driver was not having his hands on steering wheel, he was also not paying any attention on the road because of that he couldn’t control the car.

Tesla took all the guilt of first fatal car accident when NTSB reported the case and the driver was not giving any attention to the road his hands were not even on the steering wheel. But the result of the investigation is not confirmed further as NTSB and Tesla are not so much cooperating in the car crash case.

“NTSB continued to work with California Highway Patrol and California Department of Transportation the most appropriate data to analyze, having adequate information related to automobile regulation and roadway configuration,” said NTSB in the report all the case crash car in past are under the investigation of NTSB. Planning to guide drivers of safe driving with such automated car and also finding out the reason of accidents happening in the past few years.


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