The Technology Behind Online Slot Machines

Technology Behind Online Slot Machines
The numbers behind online slot machines are truly fascinating.

The technology behind our favorite computer games has changed enormously over the past decade. The things that we thought of as the pinnacle of technology back in 2011 are now the kinds of things that are available on most smartphones. Whilst online slot machines have been available to use for far longer than a decade, the improvements that have been made to the standard slot machine format are amazing. This is how modern internet technology is used to ensure a modern online slot machine works perfectly each time.

Random Number Generator

All online slot canada have one piece of technology in common, a random number generator. Whilst there is much suspicion around winning streaks, losing streaks, and time between payouts, the fact of the matter is, slot machine payouts are random. Just because a machine has paid out a jackpot recently doesn’t mean it is any less likely to this time around, and of course, the inverse is true as well.

A random number generator, or RNG, is a tool that selects random numbers. The RNG will generate several thousand numbers each second and from one of those, a number will be chosen. This chosen number will influence where the spinning reels of the slot machine stop thanks to a mathematical formula. The only thing that is affecting the outcome of where the reels stop is the exact moment that you press the spin button. That’s not to say that leaving 60 seconds exactly between each spin will guarantee you better results, it is just that your press is the stimulus that the RNG needs to select the random number.

Calculating House Edge

One of the reasons that people want to properly understand the mechanics behind slots online is so that they can improve their chances of winning. Perhaps the simplest way to achieve this is by understanding Return To Player, or RTP ratios. The return-to-player ratio is what is left when the house edge is taken away from 100. If the RTP ratio is 100% then that means that a player will neither win nor lose money.

If the ratio is 110% then the player will win approximately 10% of his stake extra, if the ratio is 90% then a player will lose approximately 10% of his stake. Most slot machines hover somewhere around the 95% mark, meaning that the house edge is 5%. Ensuring that the RTP ratio is below 100 is the only way that online slot machines can make money.

The house edge is calculated by altering the number and type of symbol found on the reels and the different scales of wins that are available, as well as factoring in bonus features. For each online slot this calculation is going to be firstly, different from all other slots, and secondly, enormous. For anyone who has played an online slot game, they will wonder if the RTP is entirely accurate.

As with anything randomly generated, there will be some players who will win and others who will lose. The return to player will be accurate, but this sort of accuracy can only be seen over thousands and thousands of spins. If you had a great deal of time then you could note this all down and work out how accurate the RTP is, but thankfully there are governing bodies who do that hard work for you!

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