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The U.S. Isn’t Ready for 5G Technology

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With the increase in the GDP form passed decades in America, now the country has found a new opportunity as a new challenge with the fifth generation 5G mobile networks that will be higher than the 4G technology.

However, the U.S. isn’t ready for 5G Technology to adopt this opportunity. Because the U.S has not the sufficient network to adopt this new technology. The fibre to density is insufficient for the small cells and hotspots that may increase the data traffic.

5G Technology

After 4G technology of mobile networks, the next generation is expected to come soon with the fast speed as 5G technology. That will be able to handle and connect more devices. 5G mobile technology will be higher in speed and range.The U.S. Isn’t Ready for 5G Technology

4G compares to 5G in the US

With the 4G services in the past decades in a radical growth in the mobile data network has seen in the US.

The wireless network has rewarded most of the American consumers of 4G with the fastest wireless speeds that were offered at affordable prices to them and there was an increase in the GDP too.

Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans for the new development in the mobile network technology with the 5G wireless.

5G will be ultra-fast with high capacity that will be able to support bulks of data that can connect many things on the internet and much more features than the 4G network.

The 5G technology will be the successor to the previous technologies 3G, 4G, this will be a new data standard for the U.S development.

 Why the US. Isn’t ready to Adopt New Technology

As the communications infrastructure of the nation may create a boost to the broadband network.  Thirty-nine percent of the U.S households have entered to the broadband that is offering 25(Mbps) or more of them.

Now sixty percent of the forming communities have adopted the bound broadband and approximately ninety percent of the Americans have access to the broadband network.

U.S requires more investment for the support of the broadband competition, to meet the needs of users. Whereas the public investment of fiber is insufficient for this source. Therefore the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC), is encouraging for more coordinates for the low fiber plans. Therefore the U.S is failing to act quickly to due to low fiber risk.

5G as a Challenge for Companies

The development of 5G is in processed and the wireless services for homes is going to fix the problem soon. So 5G is not ready to be broadcast fast as compared to a 4G mobile network.

Tom Wheeler, the FCC Chairman is forcing for the opening of high-band spectrum, the 5G network.

This high-band spectrum will allow the companies to build the infrastructure for supporting the wireless technologies for the next generation. That includes the internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile data network fast speeds.

Unlike the14 GHz band that was unlicensed, 5G  will comes as a technical challenge for the broadband companies.  As this high-band spectrum will oblige more cell towers to be open that needs widespread updates.

AT&T has already begun to test 5G as well as Verizon too, while other companies are hoping to adopt this challenge together and U.S is not behind this challenge.


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