The Underappreciated Importance Of Physical Advertising In The Digital Age

By Srikanth
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The Underappreciated Importance Of Physical Advertising In The Digital Age 1

Whether you are printing off physical ads with HP ink cartridges from your office or you are setting up a billboard along the highway, it is important to keep your physical advertising strong, even in the digital age. Many businesses have successfully made the transition to digital marketing and reaped the rewards; however, some have left the physical realm entirely, which is a big mistake.


Physical advertising still maintains many qualities and advantages that are not possible to achieve through digital marketing. Historically, physical advertising is what many people, especially in older generations, are familiar with. It permeates the lives of people everywhere and will help you reach the customers that you want to find.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at some of the reasons why physical advertising is still highly important in the digital age.

Point Of Purchase Displays

When many people enter a retail store, they usually have only a general idea of the type of product that they want to buy. It is rare that a person will have a particular brand in mind. This makes them highly suggestible to cues and indicators in the store itself.

Point-of-purchase displays are great for capturing the attention of these customers and highlighting the benefits of your products in the final moments before their purchasing decision is made. Since timing is of the utmost importance in this regard, there is little that digital advertising can do to influence customers in this context. Stick with a physical point of purchase display to ensure that your brand stands out against your competitors.

Printed Ads For Brand Recognisability

Looking at the situation objectively, there is simply too much digital marketing online today. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements constantly. This deluge is so intense that very little of the information will stick with people. As soon as your ad is closed, most people will never recall anything about your business.

Printed advertisements, however, are a more reliable means of promoting a long-term memory in your customers. They have the historical advantage of being familiar to your customers and are usually viewed as more trustworthy. For this reason, it is worth making the investment in printing your ads rather than relying solely on online variants.

Stand Out With Billboards

Billboards are great for reaching a semi-captive automobile audience. If done well, billboards create some of the most memorable and interesting advertising out there. Make your message simple and easy to read in a couple of seconds. If you throw in some wit or a clever twist on something familiar, your potential customers are sure to boost their opinion of your brand. For some inspiration, just head out for a road trip to see what other businesses are up to.

The Benefits Of The Tangible

Print advertisements are more resonant with your audience than a flat and ethereal digital ad. Having a physical and tangible thing to hold is a good way of engaging with more of your customers’ senses. This helps your message and your brand to stick with your customers long after they have put down the paper.

Find A Balance

None of the advice here is meant to suggest that digital marketing is not important. Indeed, the development of the internet is one of the greatest opportunities for advertising ever created. As a business, you will need to craft a powerful online presence if you want to be successful these days. However, it is important not to neglect what has worked in the past. Find the right balance between physical and digital marketing to reap the full spectrum of rewards from your advertising efforts.

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