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The world’s best playground for AI and blockchain

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Now just imagine a country with an army of all the techies, which a government that supports the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence by setting up an investing and mandate billions, some of the large technology companies which are rapidly implementing and experimenting at a large scale.

This just mainly covers the Blockchain and AI playground that is China. Now, the gloves are off and in the coming few years some of the greatest advancement will going to eliminate from the east

An Artificial Intelligence strategic plan was laid by China’s state council in the year 2017, which is also aiming to create a domestic 1 trillion yuan Artificial Intelligence industry by the end of 2030.

Moreover, Chinese President Xi Jinping called upon his country to take the lead in developing some of the new technologies like the Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial the year 2017, some of the AI sector of China has now secured $28 Billion in investment which also has level of investment is all set to continue as all of the technology giants and banks are also actively investing and up-skilling their capabilities.

If you take an example of the China, which has taken the ‘Smart City’ initiative which is working on the blockchain, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. The company is applying the Blockchain tech in some of the various aspects of its business from both of its logistics and supply chain to issue a blockchain asset-backed securities.

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