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The XPhone, Pundi X’s new phone powered by blockchain

The XPhone, Pundi X's new phone powered by blockchain 1

Largest Crypto Startup Pundi X today has announced a new Blockchain powered smartphone which is called by the name as XPhone, at the ongoing XBlockchain event in Bali.

Pundi X that is known for their crypto XPASS token card and XPOS which is a point of sale devices for retail transactions has revealed a blockchain supported and powered a smartphone, ‘XPhone.’ The company today revealed and invited several journalists to test some of the demo units of the XPhone at an event.

Apart from just this, Pundi X also unveiled its first-ever blockchain based OS which is called as Function X. With the help of a Function X, people can make calls, transfer data independently and send messages from carriers like Sprint and Verizon. According to a report which has been revealed, people can route the message and calls with the help of a blockchain node which eliminates the use of a phone number.

The company calls Function X as a “new transmission protocol for the latest innovative blockchain age” and thinks that the “innovation expands the use of blockchain technology which is also beyond the financial transfers.”

Function X is being called an “ecosystem” and with it brings a new decentralized file storage system and transmission protocol called IPFX and FXTP.

Pitt Huang, Pundi X Co-founder, and CTO said that last several years before the online world changed the day to day life and human existence, but also hopes that the company new latest innovative technologies will make the blockchain “usable” in speed up adoption and everyday life routine.

Zac Cheah, Pundi X Founder, and CEO said that the Function X and Xphone could be the best solution for the stability issues, and become a bridge that connects the vision for the blockchain technology with the real-life adoption and usage.

The cheah said in the report that, as many of the cryptocurrency such as Ethereum have achieved several transactions based protocols, so it is not clear that reaching a critical mass in terms of the scale will going to come up with utility for the vast majority. And Function X operating system is the solution for the same. As by giving out people the choice to be much more independent of a more centralized form of a communication network will help them to build a new use for blockchain which can also be used by a large number of people.

Some of the much more details on the Function X will be going to be revealed on 15th of October, and the company has also launched a countdown timer on the website

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