Thermoelectric Breakthroughs Pave Way for IoT Expansion

Osaka scientists use heat to power smart gadgets, making our world cleaner and smarter. Imagine traffic coordination with lights and cars.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Thermoelectric Breakthroughs Pave the Way for IoT Expansion

Scientists from Osaka University have just figured out a way to use heat to power smart gadgets. It is like they found a secret code to make our world cleaner and smarter. Imagine traffic lights and cars talking to each other to make traffic flow smoothly.

Guess what? Scientists just shared an idea in Nature Communications. Usually, we think about wind and sunlight for future energy, but these smart minds say, “Hey, let’s not ignore heat!” They found a way to turn heat into electricity like magic tricks for power.

They used two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) system with gallium arsenide – a special material. The cool part? It makes heat turn into electricity much better than before. Yuto Uematsu and Yoshiaki Nakamura led the study. They say their system is smart way to use heat for powering things like traffic lights and smart gadgets.

They made this system four times more powerful than the usual ones. So, it is like turning up the volume on your favorite song, but for heat turning into electricity.

It can be a sustainable way to power the Internet of Things (IoT). That is a name for when things like your smartwatch or weather sensors talk to each other through the internet. The scientists think their idea can help power gadgets in faraway spots and even make cooler medical gadgets you can wear.

Nakamura, one of the head scientists, says they are not just limited to one material, but their idea can work with many different materials.

In short, the scientists have discovered a way to use heat and make our gadgets work. They have simultaneously discovered how to keep our world greener and more connected.

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