Things to Consider, wireless network for smart homes

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Things to Consider, wireless network for smart homes 1
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From voice-controlled speakers, smart lighting, TVs, thermostats, gaming systems to many devices, our smarthomes never miss internet thirsty devices. This demand even gets higher when it comes to mobile devices, laptops, phones, and tablets.

We live in a digital error, a time when the internet connection is closely becoming a basic need, just like shelter and food. Most of us nowadays, especially with the lockdown issues, have resorted to ‘work from home’ strategies – thanks to the novel coronavirus. 

Therefore, whatever it all means is that every moment must have an internet signal if not wired, then wireless. Typically, talking of smarthomes, mostly we use the Wireless connections – this gives more reliable connection and accessibility of the network throughout our homes. From the bedroom, you can easily connect to the same network in your sitting room, study, veranda, and so on. 


For wireless connections, however, here are two key things to focus on for its effective use and usage within your smart homes;

1. Internet Speed also called strength

Nothing frustrates most like slow internet, more so on emergency cases. Many of us have been here; a one-minute download file can take years! The problems associated with such could often be numerous, starting with the bandwidth signal; a weak one will always drag you. 

Fortunately, we always do not have to walk this path of constant nor continuous delays, lagging, and dropped connection. There are many technological upgrades with newer WiFi systems enhancing the overall internet speeds and strength of recent. 

One most recommendable way to establish fast WiFi connectivity around your home is adopting strong broadband internet. Cable internet or fiber optics are the best at the moment. Depending on your user needs and budget, you can always find the best one for a reliable connection throughout your home. 

A quick way to verify your internet signal strength is by using the speed test Apps. The Ookla’s Speed Test app, for instance, shows different variables of your WiFi strength; download speeds, upload, and PING. Fire up the App and click on the test; the results will appear in seconds. 

2. Coverage

When it comes to WiFi connectivity concerns, coverage sticks at the top of priorities. Dead zones like weak internet signals remain highly frustrating to any user. We need ultimate coverage at our smarthomes, whether it is a mansion, studio apartment, or anything in between.

Each router/ extender comes with coverage specifications, 1500 sq. ft, 1300, and so on, depending on model and series type. Currently, there are those covering up to 5500 sq. ft. These are the long-range types and surpass the workability of typical routers. A typical example is the TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System (Deco S4). Apart from signal extension, they also offer other services such as music dispensation via Bluetooth connection. 

Internet dead zones sometimes also occur with the wrong positioning of our WiFi signal extenders/ routers. At all times, we must ensure their positions remains strategic for quality reception all through the homestead.

Mesh routers have been the best for more extensive coverage – this, however, trades off the high price. You might want these when you at your office, where most likely fast internet connectivity is vital. 

3. Security

Wireless connectivity and sharing offer an excellent opportunity for numerous malpractices.  Many have lots of data, money, and so on through such shared networks. Therefore, it makes sense that internet security, especially for Wireless connections, is critical. 

Typically, most routers in their setup procedures will allow you to create a password; however, this is always not enough. We should always check how many devices and which ones are logging in to the network. 

When setting the password, always chose a strong one that can be challenging to crack and hack. As a quick tip on this, always chose one with numbers, special characters, and letters not relating to anything around you, your name, best colors, and so on. 

Secondly, most WiFi systems nowadays come with online easy-reach platforms. Through their App or webpage, one can remotely make security alterations in the settings. In some cases, also, you might want to set a separate WiFi network for your visitors. Not all people coming to our homes have good intentions for us. Once we share with them these passwords, they can permanently destroy us while we watch. 

4. Number of users 

We probably may not need a powerful router extender or something of the sort with large connectivity number when alone. Something simpler but more efficient will mostly be appropriate. 

For those of us who have lots of people at home wanting to use the WiFi, there is no better choice than quality investment on this. A WiFi signal that can connect on various devices and still offer excellent performance remains the best. 

Often in such scenarios, we will have kids wanting to play video games, watch movies and browse. This will also apply to other people in the house, visitors and us included. Therefore, it is a priority to ensure your Wireless network system supports all these people and still offers excellent performances. 

Networking engineers will always help with all these. They always have the expertise to analyze the situation and get that which solves the problem.

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Last thoughts

As technology advances, our homes are changing, engaging in a more automated system that requires excellent internet signals. While WiFi remains the most reliable connectivity pathway, there is a lot more importance to its uttermost efficiency. 

However, the most reliable WiFi connectivity around your home starts with quality broadband internet supply – it must be from a reliable supplier. Next are the accessories. The necessary equipment you need, router, ethernet cables and all that must be available. Last but not least is professional set up.

The best of these accessories is obtainable from reliable suppliers. You might, however, need an expert to help you with the entire setup procedure. Most likely, they will have the expert skills needed for the job. Meanwhile, avoid sharing networks with the neighborhood; it is a risk you are taking.

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