Things you should know about smart cars

Technology is everywhere and the world is enhancing it day by day, not only in the medical, education or computers field but also in automobile we will see drastic changes by the end of the 2019 year, smart cars or self-driving cars are in limelight since the year 2015 not only that but car has also sent to space and most of the automobile companies such as Tesla, Honda, BMW, Toyota and many have already kept the dream in manufacturing mode, soon we will see self- driving cars on the roads and important factor of these cars that is kept in mind is the safety of the persons present in cars.

Well, fully automated cars is still a concept and maybe cars with full automation will be on roads by the year 2021, this project was once a dream that will be soon become reality on the roads and the majority of big automobile companies have almost completed the manufacturing and soon they will be launching the car, even Tesla CEO Elon Musk had tweeted that it will take 3-6 months for the autopilot in cars. Here are some things that you should know about smart cars and their development.

1) There are 5 stages of automation

Yes, that’s true that there are 5 stages of the smart car automation which is followed by automobile industry to develop the smart car stage by stage improving it in the terms of safety and accuracy while currently it is on the first stage of the development and it will be releasing soon, and level 5 that is fully automated cars will be last by 2022 and here are the five stages of the smart car or automate cars development are as follow:

Things you should know about smart cars 1

1)Level 1

In this human interaction will be a need but some steerling and automation will be done automatically which is also known as Driver Assistance

2)Level 2

In this level, things we are automated more but need  the human to take control and for any critical situation some automated action will be available also known as partial automation

3)Level 3

In this level, the human driver is still needed and human will set some condition such as in the particular situation and environment this condition should be executed but most of the companies skip this level and go to next level which is level 4 such as FORD, also level 3 is known as conditional automation.

4)Level 4

In this level, there is no need of the human driver the car will be automated and even human can sleep in it with peace but in this it this car cannot be automated to the unmapped places as well as in some critical weather situation, also known as high automation.

5)Level 5

In this level, the car will be fully automated in all the critical situation and weather condition, also it will be safe and thus also known as full automation

According to these levels, the automobile industry is developing smart cars and step by step they are moving forward from level 1 to level 5, by the year 2022 all the cars will be fully automated.

2) there will be an automated truck too

Not only cars but also the automated trucks will be there on the highways which will transport goods under the security of the human which means it is said that the truck will follow the path of the car which is driven by the humans, this will make the  possibility to transport the goods in critical weather in the forthcoming years which will not need humans and risk their lives.

This will also help to deliver the goods faster then the expected as human drivers take long halts for the relaxation and sometimes to avoid the concentration and sleep especially when they have to drive for the continues 4 days or 5 days a week there are also chances of the accident and the loss of goods in accidents.

Mercedes Benz is going to launch the semi-automated truck by 2020 and this will need human monitoring in the beginning but once it will be fully automated then no human interaction will be needed while transporting the goods.

3) No need to pay for the car

It is said that the future of daily transportation is none but ride sharing, yes you heard it right nowadays majorly people of the world prefers the ride-sharing as we know how costly are the cars is and also it is considered as the luxuries lifestyle while you own your car but many people can’t afford it still today and when the smart cars will launch it will be costly compared to non-automated.

So, companies such as Uber and Ola have already started the service such as ride sharing and also Uber claims to have the automated taxis as soon as the smart cars will be available in the market. Thus to enjoy the automated ca\rs ride you don’t need to buy them and save your money for it, instead you can do ride share through the companies which provide the taxi services without buying a car.

Not only that there are some services available such as  that gives you subscribe to the car if you hate taxi services, even this car will be yours but the maintenance will be maintained by the owner all you just need to pay some bucks monthly vise and if you want to change the car now you can easily change it by just unsubscribing it and then subscribe it your favorite one, this service is provided by the zoom cars companies located in India.

4) Non – automated cars will not be trash

If you are thinking that what will be the outcome of the non-automated cars while this automated cars will be in the market well, automobile industry have also idea of it, we cannot trash all the cars in one go, this will collect huge about of scratch which is not a good idea.

so they have thought  that they will launch some of the automated parts for this cars as people can use it when it will be placed in the car and surprisingly you can enjoy the automated car features in your non-automated car. this will help also save the car from trashing and collecting so much of trashes of cars, also people also spend less amount of bucks compared to the buying an automated car by trashing the old non-automated cars, and reuse it without worrying about the bucks.

All in all, smart cars will be on the roads soon by the end of the year 2019 and even the semi-automated trucks by the 2020 and this will make the work of the truck driver easier and the delivery of the goods will be faster, also we know how much accidents take place and majorly in the country like India where there are a number of vehicles in one home this will help a lot and reduce the human errors in the critical situation.

The software will be developed such that there will be numerous solution for them that helps in the safety issues of the human lives, apart from this not only that but also if you cannot afford it or doesn’t want to replace your non-automated cars then you can go for the ride-sharing services and if want to own a car but can’t afford it then just subscribe it a use it without having the stress of maintaining the expenses of the car and enjoying it as your own car.If you want to get a smart car, you’ll have to do something with your old car. A good option is to sell it to Junk That Car they will be the car no matter the condition

Written by Srikanth

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