Three AI And Machine Learning Predictions For 2019

AI- a game changer for climate change & environment

Machine learning and AI have been the recent important topic of discussion. 2019 is believed to the year where businesses waiting for profitable advancements in their industry and will finally jump to use different technologies.

AI, Machine learning will find new ways of utility. Every new technology will possess the capability of finding its usage in many different fields. US army currently can predict when their combat vehicles need repair, by using sensors that will record temperature and RPM and transmit it to the software. Machine learning capabilities will look for patterns that will match the data match the engine failures in similar vehicles.

Google has begun to use machine learning techniques to predict the likelihood of a patient’s death, This technique was able to furnish 95% accuracy. So AIs in the near future can be used in the healthcare industry to predict the probability of a patients death within 24 hours of admittance, by looking at the variables of the patient’s health record and also takes into account the demographics, health history of the respective patient.

AI, Machine learning will evolve the human, machine interaction. More companies are working to enhance the relationship between human and machine. Companies are working to improve AI, by making it understand the nuances of human interaction, by making the apps recognize more than what the human is telling in words. Throughout 2019 it is predicted that AIs will continue to evolve.

AI, Machine learning will improve their assistance services to Humans. Where we will see AIs assisting us in various tasks like reading emails, responding to communication, and even paying bills. 2019 will exhibit how powerfully AIs can assist us. Hyundai and Kia are planning to start AI assists in their vehicles in 2019. Google, Amazon, and Apple will continue to keep improving the way AIs assists to make our lives easier.

2019 will surely be the year for both AI and Machine learning. The predictions are just the beginning of advancements we are yet to see in the near future.


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